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Bluebird nursery, St Hilda's school, Bushey - help

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Puravida99 Thu 11-Sep-14 16:48:30

Hi all - please can you help. I've heard fantastic things about this nursery but my little one started in swallows and I feel that she is really not learning much and the young staff are not very enthusiastic. I'm not familiar with the staff in kingfishers or owls and wanted some reassurance that it will improve when she moves up to these classes as I've heard so much fantastic stuff about this nursery. I was hoping she would start there as she has just tirned three. I'm considering taking her out and putting her in aldenham nursery but don't want to take this drastic step if I've just not given it enough time. Thanks in advance.

seemam Thu 18-Sep-14 09:48:48

Hi puravida, i have put my daughter on the wait list also after hearing great things now after reading your post am a little concerned. we dont have a place yet and my daughter will be 3 next week. i know there are different age ranges, I thought they were all taught something as well as the usual play. what is your experience?

Puravida99 Thu 18-Sep-14 21:26:00

Hi - firstly I meant to say she is in starlings and not swallows. To be honest it's just my gut feeling... When I was settling her in, I just felt they didn't really make an effort to include her or talk to her..luckily she is quite outgoing so it's fine but the type of things they were doing I thought were quite basic... There's only so much glueing and sticking you can do! I'm not expecting them to always be teaching but to at least have enough variety of activities to keep them stimulated. Please do ask anyone else you know as I'm hoping Im wrong. Also ask about staff turnover. All 3 staff members in starlings are new.

seemam Mon 23-Feb-15 10:36:38

Hi - I was just writing to find out if there has been any change since september in your opinion of this nursery. I hope you are now happier with it and your daughter is learning something now.

seemam Mon 10-Aug-15 10:06:56

my daughter has now started at Bluebird (see previous comments when I was waiting for the place). I couldn't be happier. I was apprehensive about moving her frm the day care nursery she was at but I have made the right choice. She is so happy each more. The staff seem great, very professional. As it is the summer holidays the teaching has not started so we look forward to that, however very impressed so far.

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