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Inter High & Other Such Online Schooling - Recommendations Please...

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RockinHippy Mon 01-Sep-14 19:09:57

Due to a complete farce of a situation with DDs high start next week, she won't be starting year 7 along side her friends/peers, dye a second appeal healing & our. LA dragging it's feet badly, currently looking more likely she will start the following term.

SOOOOOOO, I'm looking for alternatives as I will be homeschooling her until we can get her into our closest school(Second Appeal hearing thanks to LGO) but my own health isn't good - currently bed bound with back trouble etc so home schooling & keeping her up to date is a huge worry to me right now as I'm just not physically up to it, but have no real choice

I've seen mention of Inter High & lots raving about it ? mention of similar sites that I forget the name of right now

I hopefully need something that we can sign up for a term(I hope) something linked to the national curriculum that will cater well for a bright DC & hopefully cheap enough not to break the bank as DH recently made redundant & so finances are tight.

Any suggestions/recommendations please smile


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