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mairead11 Mon 01-Sep-14 09:33:50

my daughter did not get any of her chosen schools in hackney central we picked ...we were put on a waiting list for all 6 and were told there would be movement over the summer ,unfortunately this hasn't happened my dd is now further down each list no 9 for Brooke been the closest .We were only offered schools in stokenewington (we live in hackney central)liverpool st and old st in desperation we chose Simon Marks Jewish school even though we are catholic .I have a 6 month old also and now have to take the 276 4 times a day to get there ,costing me over £95 a month ..i presumed Hackney council would help with this but i was told there is no money in place for this ...i am so upset and just wondered if anybody is in the same situation?

prh47bridge Mon 01-Sep-14 09:53:09

It sounds like the LA has fulfilled its legal obligations so I'm afraid all you can do is hope a place comes up via the waiting list. Sorry.

alwaysdoinglaundry Mon 01-Sep-14 15:02:02

Were the places you put on the form realistic in terms of where you live and the previous admissions? If you chose 6 schools that have very tight catchments, and you don't live in them, that is what happens. Apologies if that isn't the case.

Received wisdom on here is that often some children just don't turn up at the start of term, and many parents are reluctant to move their kids once term has started, so if you are prepared to move you may shoot up the WL in the first half of the term.

Blu Mon 01-Sep-14 20:09:04

Are you on the waiting list for the schools closest to you?
You can go on waiting lists for schools that you didn't originally apply for so get yourself on any closer schools that you may not be on the list for.

Good luck, OP, it sounds a very stressful situation.

But yes, there is often still some movement within the first few weeks of term as people don't turn up.

Papermover Mon 01-Sep-14 20:24:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PatriciaHolm Tue 02-Sep-14 15:20:52

There is no requirement for councils to pay for parental travel to school I'm afraid. Under certain circumstances and Over a certain distance they will provide transport for the child, but given you are in London the child will travel free anyway.

nlondondad Wed 03-Sep-14 21:51:41

Stick with the waiting list strategy: In your situation tho' it hardly ideal getting a place after half term, if it took that long, would still help. people move for various reasons, and, on balance more people with school age children move out of central London than in.

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