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Montessori and international baccalaureate teaching.

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madchocolatemum48 Sun 31-Aug-14 11:06:29

Anyone know if there are huge differences in the teachings of these.
I gather they are basically the same, encourage the child to self-learn, each child learns at a different pace.....
Does Montessori only teach primary or continues on through secondary? I know IB continues through all school years.
What qualifications does Montessori work towards? I know IB has it's own qualification.

LIZS Sun 31-Aug-14 11:10:22

afaik Montessori works towards any qualifications. It is usually focussed on under 7s but can go through primary. IB PYP isn't really the same as it has Units of Enquiry through which maths, literacy etc are approached, so there is some structure.

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