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University accomodation with baby?!

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electraheart Fri 29-Aug-14 22:23:37

I'm about to enter my second year of A levels with the view to studying law at university- all of the universities I've looked at cater for 'families' or 'couples' but I was wondering if anyone has had experience being a single parent at university with a baby, and are universities happy to place you in their accommodation with a young baby if they know there is only one parent? I'm trying to find universities fairly near to where I live so that I don't have to move too far afield from my family as they're an excellent support network, but I'm eager to become as independent as possible (financially and otherwise) as they've given me so much support already and I don't want to put on them any more than I already have!

If anybody has any experiences to share that would be very much appreciated!

lolalotta Sat 30-Aug-14 05:47:23

I don't know TBH, but would you consider private accommodation?

VegasIsBest Sat 30-Aug-14 07:49:50

Most university accommodation is term time only. Would you better to look for private accommodation so you have a place to live in the holidays too?

apricotdanish Sat 30-Aug-14 19:25:29

I went to university while my son was between the ages of 3 and 6 and from experience I think you might struggle to find student accommodation that will accept you with a young baby but to be honest that's probably a good thing as it wouldn't really be that practical. I initially wanted to do the same thing but in hindsight realise it just wouldn't have worked out- other non parents aren't necessarily going to want to live in the same digs as a baby as they may find having to keep quiet to avoid waking the baby cramps their style which could cause tensions and your lifestyle may be different to theirs as you have different responsibilities. I had to go down the private route as there was no student accommodation for people in my position. Maybe by the end of your 1st year once you've got some established friendships you'll meet some people you can share with. Also you could post an ad in your uni or nearby or perhaps on here now to see if there are any people who are in the same situation. If you key in single parent flatshare on google you should find quite a few links to forums where people post looking to share with other single parents. Good luck with everything smile

magpiegin Sat 30-Aug-14 19:27:56

I went to Birmingham uni in 2000 and they had some family accommodation where people lived with their children. Could be worth looking in to.

MrsHowardRoark Sat 30-Aug-14 19:36:54

I don't have experience of this personally but the university I went to was campus based and had family accommodation. There were 20 or so small house set away from the main student digs and some large flats dotted about the college buildings.

I knew a few people who lived up there with their children and they seemed to get on fine. The campus had a playground, nursery, shops, swimming pool etc so a great environment to bring up children.

Good luck

I'd personally recommend private accommodation. I lived in halls in my first year and it was really noisy. I then lived in a shared house when I was pregnant, and now for third year I live in a private rent with DD. this is definitely the best option, halls really really aren't suitable for a young baby or child.
if you do decide to go ahead, check your uni's parenting policy. mine has a policy available on their Moodle which states that they can't kick people out of accommodation for being pregnant or having a child, but they'll encourage them to find more suitable accommodation, will help them to do so, and will waive any early contract termination fee for students who move due to pregnancy or parenting.

tastingthestars Sat 30-Aug-14 20:53:19

I don't think OP is asking about whether she could go into "normal" student accommodation, but rather whether the uni will allow her into the accommodation marketed/assigned to "families" and "couples" as she has a baby.

OP I would suggest getting in touch with the unis you are considering. They'd be able to advise you, and should be willing to help a potential applicant. There should be an accommodation office or student welfare perhaps who you can contact even as an applicant.

mummytime Tue 02-Sep-14 08:15:45

Both Birmingham and my college at Oxford do have accommodation for single parents/families and have Nurseries and other help for students with families.
So it is possible, although it will be harder.

I don't think there is any general guide, but its certainly something to ask and investigate when you are looking at Universities.

Equimum Thu 04-Sep-14 01:07:46

No personal experience, but Sussex Uni has accommodation for students with young infant. There's quite a strong family society, including a 'families room' on campus, and a playpark. Accommodation runs through vacations, so you don't have to leave, and there's childcare on campus.

ReallyTired Thu 04-Sep-14 13:48:14

I don't think that normal university accomodiation would be suitable for a baby. It would be far too noisey and full of immature brats. Twenty years ago a friend of mine in the same situation (at York University) managed to get a housing association house nearby.

I think you need to contact the universities that you are interested in and see what they can offer.

Spindelina Thu 04-Sep-14 15:07:00

At my old uni, the 'family' accommodation was for anyone who had one or more children (with or without a partner).

I would echo the others and encourage you to ring the Accommodation Office at each of the universities you are considering.

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