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Otley or Skipton

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BB01 Wed 27-Aug-14 10:24:59

Any opinions or experiences on primaries and secondaries in Otley or Skipton please?

year3onuke Sun 31-Aug-14 15:55:26

Otley: comprehensive system
Skipton: Grammar and secondary modern system.

so, it's a really big deal which town you choose.

good luck.

BB01 Wed 03-Sep-14 09:38:42

Thanks for that, trying to figure out which to choose but really struggling as always a chance she won't get into Skipton

wanttosinglikemarycoughlan Wed 03-Sep-14 09:40:37

I wouldn't send a child to Aireville but South Craven is an option and has a good reputation (if you decide on Skipton)

Bolshybookworm Wed 03-Sep-14 09:46:44

Prince Henry's in Otley has a good reputation. I think all the primaries in Otley are supposed to be good although some are oversubscribed. My friends that live in Otley love it!

BB01 Wed 03-Sep-14 12:00:34

Thanks both, really helpful

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