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7 plus in London Schools

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Spotsonmydots Tue 26-Aug-14 22:26:49

My husband went to Westminster school ( and the under school ) and he looked at the website last weekend ( we have a son but do not live in London) he was shocked at what 6 year olds were expected to do. Has this changed - any thoughts?

AuntieStella Wed 27-Aug-14 07:03:46

What are they expected to do?

The earliest entry point is year3 (7+) so are you talking about the content of the assesment for that? I couldn't find that on the website, hence first question.

Needmoresleep Wed 27-Aug-14 09:12:44

I understand that the level of competition has risen and the amount of coaching has increased. Expansion of the City, and of London generally has meant more affluent parents hoping their children gain places at London's top schools.

7+ is a tough one. Children need to have good numeracy and literacy skills in place effectively by the age of 6. But lots of later entry points, and though bright not all precocious kids remain super bright.

alwaysdoinglaundry Wed 27-Aug-14 11:18:48

have a look at past threads called "4+ 5+ 7+ support thread" started by mumteacher for more of an idea. Admission to private schools in London is highly competitive with 10+ applicants per place and all children are tutored (most by external tutors, some by parents who have the time), even those who come from pre-preps that also prepare them.

Spotsonmydots Wed 27-Aug-14 19:58:33

I think the expectation that you would have done all the YR 2 syllabus ( at least) before starting YR 2 is a lot to expect for the younger ones in the year.

Michaelahpurple Thu 28-Aug-14 17:23:49

I think the expectation is very high. If you aren't at a school that is preparing or aren't doing so yourself it is quite likely that they will not have written whole stories with proper structures, or the right sort of number problems etc. in addition, many boys aren't really ready for the sort of concentration needed to get enough on paper through the exams.
7+ is a bit of a new phenomenon in that the entry used to be 8+ only, then a wave of 7+ entry spread across west London so increasing numbers of schools had to offer it avoid missing out on the pool, then it went from being a cunning route in for precocious boys to a test that many more try, as practice, to show intent, have two goes etc. as a result lots sit who really have no hope - last year more sat at 7+ than at 8+.

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