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primary schools in Bath

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notawildlifefan Thu 14-Aug-14 21:42:19

I'm looking to move to Bath from London later this year all being well, for my DD to start reception next September. All the primaries look good but I'm especially interested in Bathampton (looks great) and also St Saviours, and Batheaston.

Does anybody know these schools first hand? Can anybody offer their insight or experience? I've posted this in primary ed but haven't had much luck with responses - hope it's OK to post here.

Thank you!

Madcats Thu 14-Aug-14 22:14:54

Well the good news is that the schools from 5-18 in Bath are all pretty good. if you type the www bit plus Bath plus you are likely to get a lot more answers. I'm not sure I should link to a "competitor" site.

Perhaps not such a big deal if you plan to live on the outskirts of Bath (and I don't think any of these need you to be regular churchgoers), but you will find last year's admission criteria here:
It is a long slog through the booklet, but you will get a view about how tight the admission zone is for each school.

DD1 has just finished Infants school in central Bath. DH and I were both a bit swotty and have a "low maintenance, enthusiastic DD". Teachers our DD has clicked with, others have been less impressed with.

Finding a school for your child is such a personal thing.

MassaAttack Sun 17-Aug-14 14:29:13

They're all good. You'll want to live very close to guarantee a place, though.

Choose where you want to live, then the school. Although each school has a very different style, this wouldn't be enough to make me choose living nearer to town over having a larger house (or vice versa).

MassaAttack Sun 17-Aug-14 16:28:51

Oh, and I have friends who've had children at most schools in Bath - of those, some have been thrilled, most are happy enough, a few have been very dissatisfied and moved their children to another school (including those you name, Op, and in all directions!).

MassaAttack Sun 17-Aug-14 16:30:54

I mean, I can't think of a school in Bath at which I don't know someone who's sent a child. I think that makes sense hmm grin

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