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Paediatric Occupational therapist in St. Albans area

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milkywhite Thu 07-Aug-14 20:37:05

DD's teacher today noticed that she has a 'dip' in her finger joint and she doesn't grasp pencil properly. She has suggested me to consult a Paediatric OT (a handwriting specialist) to help her with this condition. Any anyone faced a similar situation. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.

webminx Wed 13-Aug-14 13:48:14

Hi, have you tried asking the school nurse for a recommendation? Ours was v helpful and we got an appointment with an NHS OT (via community paediatrician) relatively quickly who also goes into the school to support. Good luck!

Ericaequites Sat 16-Aug-14 15:17:27

Also post toSpecial NeedsChildren. There is a lot of traffic, and many experienced parents. Early intervention really helps:-)

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