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private home tution 11 plus

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saady25 Wed 06-Aug-14 10:43:16

hi all
im new to the post but seeking advice for private home tutor for son.
it seems a bit too early as hes in y3 now and want to assess for y5 for grammar school and thinks that i sohuld be preparing him from now as hes so shy and slow.
anyone knows of a private home tutor in stockport and sorrounding area who has a good success rate too.

MumTryingHerBest Wed 06-Aug-14 11:10:16

Sorry, I'm in a different area from you so can't help with tutors. However, my son is starting with a 1-2-1 tutor in September when he starts yr 5. The tutors in my area don't start preparation until this point.

You could post under the relevant regional section of this web site: to get more specific information for the school you are considering.

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