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Virtual Learning Environments - useful?

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steamingporridge Mon 28-Jul-14 09:11:07

Lots of schools are getting Virtual Learning Environments, but my DC's (primary) school isn't. I'm wondering if it's something worth suggesting. If your school has one, how is it using it? Is it adding value?

kscience Tue 29-Jul-14 05:15:27

I work in secondary and have seen how useful they can be for pupils who are self motivated and for keeping parents involved in day to day learning, which is much more of an issue in secondary.
I have used a VLE to successfully for pupils to access notes from that weeks lesson (in the form of powerpoints reviewing the lessons) and homework sheets.

My current secondary does not have a VLE at all and I miss it, but manage without well enough

I am not sure how useful it would be for primary where you have more access to teachers. It is rather demanding in terms of funding and having qualified technical staff to lok after it.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 29-Jul-14 08:40:43

In DD's primary homework is often posted on the VLE so they can't forget it.

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