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Cotswold or Chippy Sixth Form?

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FatMumSlim72 Wed 23-Jul-14 14:18:03

DD is VERY hard working and looking to go to Cotswold or Chippy Sixth Forms. Have heard dodgy reports about teaching at Chippy but feel she may be motivated enough to do extra study...Socially Chippy looks good. BUt should we go with the Outstanding results of Cotswold?! Choice is awful sometimes!!

roguedad Thu 24-Jul-14 06:30:03

I was very impressed with Cotswold's academic focus when I did their tour. I had another look at some of the A level numbers and Chippy actually has slightly more (20%) kids getting at least AAB with two Russell Group favoured subjects - Cotswold had 17%, while Cotswold had slightly higher points per A level: 222.2 against 218.5. Looks like there is not a lot in it academically, though Cotswold pulls away on total points per student - 872.6 vs 743.5 for Chippy - so it looks like Cotswold is pushing more kids to do more A levels. If you look at one of the best regarded county comps, Cherwell, their numbers are 26%, 222 and 903.4. GCSE data gives different ordering again - Cotswold in front on the headline 5 decent GCSE number, Chippy a bit ahead on points per pupil. Depending on what number you look at, you can see different stories.

FatMumSlim72 Thu 24-Jul-14 14:22:07

Thanks - I have a feeling both Chippy and Cotswold have about 33% A/A* grades at A level, even though Cotswold generally stronger overall. So perhaps not so much between them. My heart says buy DD some extra time by going for closer school - their time is pressured enough and extra-curricular stuff is possibly just as important as good teaching...maybe! Anyway, thanks again smile

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