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In her end of Year 2 maths test

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winkywinkola Mon 21-Jul-14 21:12:02

Dd achieved the level 3C, according to her report card. She should be proud of this apparently.

But, according to her report card again, she is really a 2A.

What does that mean? She scored well in her test but she's not really that capable so don't get too happy?

I've never read anything like that in a report.

Am I being silly to think this odd?

I don't know what 3C or 2A actually means anyway.

Can anyone enlighten me?

ABlandAndDeadlyCourtesy Mon 21-Jul-14 21:51:36

One might be her test score and one her teacher assessment. There's only one sub level difference and both are above average for year 2, if that helps ?

MirandaWest Mon 21-Jul-14 21:54:34

The overall level is assessed by the teacher based on everything they've seen of what she's achieved over the year. One part of this assessment is the test part, but this is only one small part. Her teacher feels her overall level is a 2a, but in a one off test her level was 3c.

Both of these are above average, so she is doing well smile

Cardriver Mon 21-Jul-14 21:56:05

DD3 got 3c in writing but her teacher said she was only allowed to award a 3 if the child was at a 3b level so a 3c had to be recorded as a 2a. Maybe it's the same for your DD.

There was a thread a few weeks back and some posters said that some local authorities do this.

winkywinkola Mon 21-Jul-14 23:10:10

Thank you for the explanation. I did email her teacher but no response.

I'm very glad to read that she doesn't appear to have to the fear of maths that I developed. I'd assumed that all my dcs would be crap at maths like me!

Above average in maths. My dd. Well. I am proud! grin

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