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Changing primary school year 2

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BoiledPiss Wed 16-Jul-14 21:12:58

I have searched and cannot find a thread about this at all so I am wondering if I am over thinking it and it is more common than i think, therefore people don't ask for advice on it! grin

I have booked an appointment with the head of another primary school which i think will suit DS1 better as I think he is getting lost in the large primary school he is in currently (just finishing yr1)

I know lots about the alternative primary school and I know we will come away positive about the change, DS1 has never been particularly enthusiastic about school and has never seemed settled there.

Has anyone any advice on how to explain to him about moving schools and how to make it as easy as possible please?

He has just turned 6 and is quite shy in large groups, he has bags of confidence around people he knows well but struggles as soon as a new face appears he goes into himself.

Thanks in advance smile

BoiledPiss Thu 17-Jul-14 11:08:46

Bump for advice smile

TeenAndTween Thu 17-Jul-14 11:31:51

First the disclaimer: I have never done this.

For a 6 year old, I would make the decision get it confirmed and then tell him (before the end of term so he has a chance to say goodbye (and maybe visit the new school himself).

"From next term you are going to be at XXX school. I have had a look around it and I think you will fit in there just great and make lots of friends. Because it is a bit smaller than YYY I think it will suit you better"

Then sit back and answer any questions.

tenderbuttons Thu 17-Jul-14 11:40:11

We did it in the first term of year two, and - two terms on - are still very happy that we did. And DD is also shy in big groups, and found a large playground v overwhelming, so the move to a smaller school was the right thing.

We did give her a taster day at the new school, so there was less anxiety about what she was going into, but I'm guessing it's all getting a bit late for that, but if you can pop in I think it does help, as the unknown is always a bit more frightening.

We also promised DD that she would still see her old friends, and have kept up with her three best friends.

Does he know anyone there yet? If so, can you sort a playdate or two over the summer. I was friends with one other mum at the new school, and so we could get her DD together with mine over the holiday in between.

lostintoys Thu 17-Jul-14 19:52:55

Ds started a new school in year 2. He was fine. Settled in immediately and never looked back. The school were brilliant at setting him up with a 'buddy' and making sure that he was included, and he loved it from day one. We made sure that he still had a chance to see old friends, but after a term or so he was so entrenched at his new school and with his new friends that he wasn't all that interested in his old friends any more which was quite sad in some ways although we were happy that he had moved on so seamlessly.

BoiledPiss Thu 17-Jul-14 23:37:02

Thankyou all very much, i am going to ask about him visiting on Monday for a few hours if possible, DS doesn't break up until wed and this school is tues.

Teen I think that would suit him actually, he is incredibly matter of fact about everything so I think it would work well.

Tender, I don't know anyone from the new school but we live very close and there is a family fun/sports day this weekend at the school/village hall so we thought we would take him along to that.

Lost, that is a fantastic positive story and I really hope this will be as positive as I am imagining it will be!

Meeting is tomorrow so hopefully Tomorrow all will become clearer!

Thanks again smile

iseenodust Tue 22-Jul-14 13:07:33

We moved DS at Oct half-term of yr2. His old school was not addressing bullying. I went round the new school alone. DS did not go for a taster day. We just told him parents try to find the best school for their children and we thought this new school would suit him better. He remembered a couple of DC there from preschool which probably helped. It went swimmingly from day one and DS was so much happier. He didn't keep up close friendships with DC from the first school but there are some he is still in touch with through outside school sports.

Madcats Wed 23-Jul-14 21:14:34

Not quite the same, but we are in an Infants and (most people) move to the nearby Junior school.

Since reception 3 of DD's class of 30 have moved schools (and been swiftly replaced). One arrived in year 2, the other 2 were earlier, but I think they have all settled in well. 2 of our class of 30 are now moving to private at the end of year 2 (to different places, for different reasons). (so that is about 30% after 3 years).

The school has been massively supportive re settling in days etc. and is very hot on organising buddies etc. The headmistress "gets it".

Madcats Wed 23-Jul-14 21:17:34

Ignore the maths there (but same point...lots of kids move).

Confused456 Wed 08-Oct-14 16:11:14

Hello, pls can anyone advice on how I can change my child primary school. The reason for change is she was badly hurt and I know I need to move her before she comes to serious harm I have discussed with school and they don't really care. I am in the process of completing transfer form but need to fill it properly so she is considered for the school I want her to change to. Thank u all

Hakluyt Thu 09-Oct-14 13:01:53

Has the school you want to move to got places in her year?

Also, have you written to the governors about her accident?

vkyyu Thu 09-Oct-14 14:22:44

My dd2 changed school in mid yr3 it took her less than a week to really like the new school. At this young age they are very easy to make new friends. The new school allocated one or two children to keep her company the whole time for the first couple of weeks and to help her to get to know the school and people.

Have you asked the HT how they will help your ds to settle in the new school? Best of luck

Kaekae Thu 09-Oct-14 14:31:58

I moved my son when he was in YR 1. Similar reasons to you. I had him on a waiting list so I would pass the school a lot and talk positively about it etc. This made him aware of the school. Then when he got a place we had a morning there together looking around; and then he went for another morning on his own and he got to know a few children who had similar personalities to him. These children were then assigned as his buddies on his first day and coming week etc. I also got him signed up to all the local activities located near his school such as Beavers and that way he got to know more children from the school and in his class. My son settled in well, he has just moved on to Junior school and again, this was a very easy transition.

Confused456 Fri 10-Oct-14 10:49:18

Thanks for your advice...I am in the process of feeling the transfer form. The school I want has no space. ..I need to know what are acceptable social reasons to give her priority and this I'd why I turned to mums net for advice thanks

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