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Secondary school breakfast and after school clubs

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321Go Sun 13-Jul-14 20:35:00

Our secondary school is contemplating charging for breakfast and after school care. It has a very wide catchment, so some children arrive at school pretty early and stay quite late in order for parents to drop off / pick up.
Currently the provision is free, but as government funding for schools is dropping, it is something the school might need to charge for.
I'd be interested to know if any of your schools charge for such a service, and if so what the charge is.

titchy Sun 13-Jul-14 21:02:58

I can't see there would be any demand tbh. How do they police it? Will kids not be allowed to arrive early to school? That'll do wonders for their truancy rates- not! No staying late to do homework, after school activities or detention?

Kids at secondary age are usually too old to need child care. There might be a few year 7s for the first term, but I imagine they'd soon be embarrassed to attend and end up wandering round school aimlessly.

EdithWeston Sun 13-Jul-14 21:13:26

Our school has none.

Early arrivals hang around outside the school (though gates open - unsupervised - a good half hour before door open to classrooms for registration). And in the evening there is no "club", thing there are quite a lot of activities and the library stays open until 6pm.

If it is a staffed club, then I think it's fine to charge for it. I'd be surprised if there was much demand though.

TalkinPeace Mon 14-Jul-14 12:20:39

The schools round here open the canteen for breakfast
payment is by electronic finger so no cash
which means that the FSM kids who need the meal are not being charged, everybody else pays.

After school the kids are allowed to hang around doing homework so long as there are sports / community events on site.
They are not supervised, but can be disciplined if they mess about.

Charging for after school at Secondary sounds unenforceable

321Go Mon 14-Jul-14 21:02:26

At the moment, kids are allowed to arrive early to school but have to sit in the canteen - not allowed to hang around outside or be elsewhere in the building. The whole school has electronic door locks, so can't get further than the canteen at that point.
Likewise at the end of the day. And the whole place is locked up anyway at 5.30pm.
Due to the distances travelled (up to 90 mins in some cases by bus) kids making their own way home often isn't an option - a peculiarity of the particular school.
It would be staffed.
I guess it's a case of could they charge for what is already being provided to generate much needed income.
Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated.

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