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Swanbourne House school any reviews ?

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shubh Sun 13-Jul-14 16:26:49

I have a son 4 yrs and daughter 8 yrs and I am thinking about this school next year for day boarding.

I would highly appreciate your opinion, experience about this school.

I am looking for prep school for 11+, grammar schools.
Is this school a right choice?
What is their past record, where do school leaver go?

Many thanks

shubh Sun 13-Jul-14 16:27:43

By the way Swanbourne House school in Milton keynes..

blameitonthecaffeine Tue 15-Jul-14 10:48:46

I have a relative who teaches there and sends her children there too.

I believe it to be a fantastic school. The children are very happy and are making progress as individuals. The older child is shy, academic and into the arts and the younger child is outgoing,struggles with some lessons and is very sporty. They are both being encouraged and helped in the right direction for them. The school, from my distant perspective, seems to be doing a great job of seeing children as individuals.

The class sizes are quite small, the grounds are beautiful and the facilities are, I think, very good (2 Astros, a swimming pool, a golf course, sports hall/theatre, outdoor theatre, dedicated music, art, science and technology rooms/departments).

The school is non selective and has a huge ability range but the record of results for the leavers is very good. A few children leave at 11+ for Aylesbury or Buckingham grammars or independents like Berkhamsted. Most stay to 13 and go to a range of schools, the most popular being Stowe, Oundle, Uppingham, Akeley Wood, Berkhamsted, Bedford Modern, Bedford Boys, St Edwards Oxford, Repton, Bloxham, Bradfield, Headington, Abingdon, Magdalen, Rugby and Radley.

I can't recommend it enough. I go to everything I can get to and, if I didn't live in London, my own children would join their cousins in a heartbeat.

blameitonthecaffeine Tue 15-Jul-14 10:51:27

Oh, and the quality of the school productions is extraordinary. They also get to do sport coached by specialists every day and a wide range of extra curricular things. A few weeks ago I took my younger children up in the evening for a technology event which had, among lots of other things, helicopter rides - and it was all free!

shubh Tue 15-Jul-14 12:31:25

Many thanks blameitonthecaffeine ..
I highly appreciate..

I contacted school they also told me most study till 13 and few leave at 11+.
As my aim is 11+ grammar schools, do you think they would be able to prepare kids for that?
Is it ideal prep school I am looking for or just a very good private school?


blameitonthecaffeine Tue 15-Jul-14 13:08:18

I think that they do do some 11+ preparation. But my children are also in independent schools so I can't compare it with how much a state primary would do.

I'm also not sure about other schools in the area. There may be private schools that finish at 11 that put a lot more emphasis on 11+, I don't know.

You aren't looking for this September are you? If I were you I would make an appointment to have a tour of the school from the headmaster in September and talk to him about the level of provision for 11+ preparation. He's really nice and very realistic about the different needs and circumstances of different families so I don't think he'll lie to you just to get you in through the door iyswim.

If you are looking for this September it won't be too late to have a tour, even though the children have broken up.

shubh Tue 15-Jul-14 13:53:49

I am looking for Sept 15. Not this Sept 14.
Certainly state primary wouldn't be option for me.

As this is non selective school I am little bit not sure about 11+.
It looks like academic result oriented school.
I am not sure whether I should start looking for schools finishing at 11.

At the moment I am out of country hence I cant visit school.
So shortlisting options online.

Planning to relocate to MK and towards North London area.
My options are open for other locations as well.

In case you can recommend any other school..

manicinsomniac Thu 17-Jul-14 01:27:13

It's a very good school and well thought of in the area.

The Common Entrance exam that prep schools are geared towards is very advanced for 13 year olds so the school's standards are academic even though many of the children are not.

MillyMollyMama Tue 22-Jul-14 17:01:24

You cannot expect 11 plus tuition at an independent prep school in Bucks. The bucks test is meant to be tutor proof but they may offer tuition for extra money. This is what they did at DD's Bucks Prep school. If your children are clever they will pass so just enjoy the type of education Swanbourne will give. A state school cannot prepare for 11 plus in Bucks. There are schools in Great Missenden and Chesham Bois that might be worth looking at because more of their children go to grammar schools but Swanbourne is a proper prep school so is different .

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