What do you write in your child's reading record book?

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lucy5 Sun 10-Sep-06 18:33:07

This is the first time dd [year 1} has had a reading record as they did guided reading last year. I'll save my thoughts on that for another thread . Anyway, as much as I hate to say it dd is an extremely lazy reader and just guesses at words, she doesn't try to sound them out etc. Infact she just tries to memorise them. I know this is a strategy but she managed to bluff her way through last year and I'm keen that she doesn't do the same this year. Although I am sure she won't be able to as her present teacher takes a more traditional approach.

My dilemma is, should I be frank in her reading record? I don't realy want to start off of a negative footing. So , what would you do? Thanks.

iota Sun 10-Sep-06 18:35:59

I would put something like 'dd seems reluctant to spell words out and tries to guess them'

best to be honest IMHO or you won't be doing dd any favours

WigWamBam Sun 10-Sep-06 18:36:45

Be honest. The teachers can only help your child if you tell them the truth.

gigglinggoblin Sun 10-Sep-06 18:40:10

be honest about it, but i really wouldnt worry. my ds has just started year 2 and until a few months ago he was just like your dd. in fact he still is when he doesnt want to do it but most of the time he is pretty good now. i think it is mainly to do with knowing the phonemes like 'ee' 'ch' which he wasnt very confident about until recently

lucy5 Sun 10-Sep-06 18:45:57

Thanks, i just didn't want to sound too negative or too pushy.

cutekids Sun 10-Sep-06 18:53:34

i've found it very helpful for my 3 kids to just be honest in these diaries.now and again,when they've been awkward or reluctant to read i've written it down.it's amazing how different they are the following week!....!

coderoo Sun 10-Sep-06 18:54:21

i write " this child is a genius nad a credit to his parents"

Bozza Sun 10-Sep-06 19:02:30

TBH my main problem is finding something different to write. DS had a reading record in reception also. I have written "DS found this book quite easy. He has read it through 4 times without any problems". But she has given him a level down from what he was on.

pinkchampagne Sun 10-Sep-06 19:03:27

I am always honset in DS's reading record. I would say something like "DD enjoyed the story, but tended to guess the words rather than sounding them out"

mousiemousie Sun 10-Sep-06 19:06:03

The teacher only writes in the book about once a term and I don't know if they ever read them: definitely not every week.

I can't think of anything helpful to write in my dd's book. Honesty would dictate "as usual this was a torturous experience for both of us and dd makes very little progress"

gothicmama Sun 10-Sep-06 19:08:41

honest is best -

throckenholt Sun 10-Sep-06 19:10:47

hmm - we must be very lax - we rarely get his books out of the book bag (just started year 1), and never write anything in his little red book - although I do read their comments - though usually it is just a list of the books. Am I likely to get a lecture at the next parents evening ?

We do read with him - but usually books of our own or from the library (the ones he brings home are often very tedious !).

If we push him too hard to participate in reading he becomes very resistant - but his is improving - seems much more willing to learn it at school to be honest

laneydaye Sun 10-Sep-06 19:13:16

oh the usual thing in my ds book.....

"please update"
"too easy"
not challenging enough"

its took me 6+ mths to get someone to take any notice...
not even sure if they read the damn things..

moan moan whinge whinge moan moan...(sorry)

Blandmum Sun 10-Sep-06 19:15:53

How much he has read
How much help he needed (if any)
Any specific problems
Any particularly good things

We get a coment 4 days out of 5 (the day off they don't read, they go swimming insead)

grales Sun 10-Sep-06 19:23:32

i volunteer to listen to reading in our middle school(ages8-9) its best to be honest then we can help them

lucy5 Sun 10-Sep-06 20:06:40

Thanks all! DD's teacher is a friend of a friend and knows that I am a teacher [not primary] and it's made me feel a bit nervous. I don't know why.

singersgirl Sun 10-Sep-06 20:28:18

"DS enjoyed this story"
"DS is confident with words he knows, but tends to guess at new words"
"I am encouraging DS to build up longer unfamiliar words"
"Well done, DS!"
"Enthusiastic reading"
"A bit tired today"
"Rather reluctant today"
"Some difficult words in this one"
"Word perfect!"
"DS struggled with this - it seemed a bit harder than his usual books"
"Some interesting vocabulary which we discussed"
"Fluent, expressive reading"
"DS likes the Magic Key books"
"We had fun looking at the pictures"
"DS found this one a bit easy"
"DS likes pirates/animals/mystery stories" (insert as appropriate)
"We discussed full stops/question marks/exclamation marks/the use of different fonts" (insert as appropriate)
"DS read the book once/twice/seventeen times"
"Pages 32-38. Good reading"
Sometimes I just put a smiley face and the date.

Etc etc etc.
I make it a challenge to put in something new every time. DH is right that I need to get out more.

Judy1234 Sun 10-Sep-06 21:25:53

I doubt I've written much more than my initials all year. Far too busy/tired to write anything else.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee Sun 10-Sep-06 21:36:25

We had a book once called Fat pig , We had it for ages I started writing ,rotund pig,obese pig,chubby pig,slightly large pig, big pig . I think she got the message . LOL

loopybear Mon 11-Sep-06 09:46:43

I can't resist to put a comment on this one. As a reception teacher when not on maternity leave, I personally read comments that parents & make a response each time I hear a child read - I listen to every child at least once a week and my nursery nurse hears them twice, so all are heard 3 times. If there is no comment in the book I assume it means they've not read at home so won't help the child choose a new book (parents are welcome to come and help their child choose a book from their reading basket), Parents often say they don't know what to write I suggest they just sign the book, if they don't have a concern e.g. book to easy / hard so I know they've read. I know some teachers don't respond or write comments which Ithink is bad. With regard to Fat Pig books they're ancient and as a school we got rid of them, as a Mum I'd refuse to read it with DD. On my suggestion my neice who loves reading gets her reading book and record book out just before she goes in the classroom, she tells the teacher that her Mum has writtern in the book for her to read (teacher probably hates me but my SIL now gets responses to concerns.

jura Mon 11-Sep-06 10:12:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hallgerda Mon 11-Sep-06 10:18:12

loopybear, would you consider moving to Streatham?

Seriously, I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking the world could do with a few more primary school teachers like you!

alexsmum Mon 11-Sep-06 10:20:58

i never know what to say usually go for something like 'alex read well with expression'

we went through a phase where his reading was awful-he was bored andi was bored and i was frustrated that he didn't seem to be getting it and i did put a note in his book saying something like ' tried to encourage with little success'.
you have to be honest.

GreenDolphin Mon 11-Sep-06 10:47:28

lucy5, memorising the words is as good a way of learning them, isn't it?

GreenDolphin Mon 11-Sep-06 10:47:29

lucy5, memorising the words is as good a way of learning them, isn't it?

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