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advice on books for 5 year old bookworm please!

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mummysurfer Sat 27-Mar-04 06:40:15

dd was the same and still is..
she's 8 now, but story content has to be for a younger child with a high reading ability.
she loved
Dick King Smith's Sophie stories.
utterly me clarice bean -can't remember author but this was a BIG hit
Rahmona stories, can't think of author.
Enid Blyton - Magic Faraway Tree 3 in one book
Enid Blyton - Wishing Chair stories
Enid Blyton - Family Stories

last 3 currently available in cheap book shops like the Book Depot

she doesn't like Jacqueline Wilson, who I'd say would suit early teens but lots of her friends do.
she didn't like dick king smith's animal stories

carla Sat 27-Mar-04 00:15:05

B*llocks! DD1 is one of the youngest in her Year 1 class, and is middle of the road in reading. Last week we had a friend from school over, who Anna had already told me was reading 'chapter' books (ie, with no pics in them). Took all three to the newsagent to pick a magazine (ostensibly to colour in while we waited for our meal to arrive) to find dd1's friend actually reading it. DD1's friend's mother arrived later, with 7 yo son, and when I commented on it she said her daughter had actually overtaken her son. I'd encourage it as much as possible. I loved reading as a child, and if it's something they enjoy then s*d the teacher and just take her to the library as often as she wants.

jampot Fri 26-Mar-04 23:56:28

Tanzie - my dd was the same as yours. She'd finished ORT by the end of year 1 and simply couldn't read enough. I bought her the Animal Ark books which she still has and the Magic Pony books (which I think are excellent for young age and older reading ability). The problem is that her reading ability will belie her maturity to handle complex storylines.

jmg Fri 26-Mar-04 23:42:37

BTW - the books Meanmum is talking about is Amelia Jane series. These are really good and will be testing for her - so she won't be bored!

jmg Fri 26-Mar-04 23:40:33

DD was the same but there were lots of extension reading schemes. So she did 360 degree books and lots of others.

I think it was the 360 books that were particularly good for developing the expression in reading. Then after easter she moved onto ORT level 7 and then did extention reading after than.

There shouldn;t be any reason to re-read books. There are lots of suitable books whether from a reading scheme or not.

Have you tried her with some non-fiction books? My DD got really into these at around this stage!

meanmum Fri 26-Mar-04 22:32:06

I don't know if this is for the right age or not so ignore it if it's too advanced but I loved the Enid Blighton books about all the toys in the cupboard that came to life. She might need help with some of the words but I remember reading them again and again even when I was too old for them. I just loved all Enid Blighton books to be honest.

Another thing I think is great in this country is that our library (central London)sells old books that they don't want anymore really cheap. I don't know if yours does this but it might be worth asking as you may get some cheap ones this way and even if they aren't all relevant for her age at the moment she will always grow into them.

hercules Fri 26-Mar-04 22:01:33

My ds did the same scheme andthey simply carried on to the next book each time they finished one so that each child was on adifferent book depending how many they had read iyswim. Go to somewhere like WHSmiths where they set out the books according to ability. We let ds choose this way with a little guidance.
You can buy OR tree books individually from some book shops and m & s do large hard back books to go with this scheme that ds really liked with the same characters. Def worth a look.

tanzie Fri 26-Mar-04 21:57:22

DD1 is in Reception and is on Oxford Reading Tree Stage 6. Her teacher does not want her to go any further at present as she says the next stages up are for children of 7-8, and whereas DD1 will probably cope with the text, she probably won't cope with the plot. So we are now going backwards through stages 5 & 4. I am not "Pushy Mother" (honest!) but DD1 is clearly bored with the books she has. She reads Cat in the Hat at home, also Ladybird Phonics and Fairy Tales, her Angelina comics, and pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Can anyone recommend anything else that will grab her interest? And is it really true that she is unlikely to cope with the plot of the next stages?

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