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Francis Holland or South Hampstead

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Carly1000 Thu 12-Jun-14 18:17:04

How do these schools differ, what type of child is right for them or not right for them? Do they both have the same outcomes, uni places etc. Are either v pressurised? Please, any advice you could give would be appreciated.

MamaMumra Fri 13-Jun-14 00:28:43

This from the Good schools guide. No personal experience I'm afraid but I'll copy in the bit about south hampstead too.

Your clever daughter will be well taught and will do as well here as anywhere. Your shy and gentle soul will be loved and encouraged. Definitely no hothouse but a school that warms and nurtures.

MamaMumra Fri 13-Jun-14 00:31:19

A school once considered all work and no play. Now better results than ever achieved with a broader education and vastly improved pastoral care. Will shine even more brightly under sparky new head. Watch this space for our spanking new review in October once the new building opens its shiny doors!

Carly1000 Fri 13-Jun-14 10:28:38

thanks for this!

Soggysandpit Fri 13-Jun-14 20:30:30

When I was at SHHS less able girls were certainly not nurtured and the sixth form was a hotbed of anorexia (about 10% of my year to a greater or lesser degree). But I left in the mid 90's so not the most up to date view! I will say that the school is bigger since then (four form entry instead of three I believe) and however shiny and new the building will be, it's still a very small site.

MamaMumra Fri 13-Jun-14 23:23:03

The first one was Francis Holland btw. Have you looked around both schools? Good luck.

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