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What's the going rate for private tuition?

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Moomin Fri 26-Mar-04 16:37:37

I did a one-off day of supply at a friend's school today and one of the kids asked me if I'd tutor her at home. I'm considering it - but how much would I charge? It's GCSE level English, if that makes any difference.

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 16:41:32

There are lots of agencies on,ine wh do tutoring. Not suggesting you join one, but many have examples of tutoring rates. I will see if I can find some.

Are you in some posh area, or just a normal one - i.e. not London? Just asking as rates will be different.

jampot Fri 26-Mar-04 16:41:43

My going rate at my childrens' (primary) school is about £15-18 ph (Solihull) probably more in the South.

jampot Fri 26-Mar-04 16:42:30

Meant to say "the" not "my" as I am not a teacher it would be unfair for me to be paid to tutor some poor child

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 16:43:20

here's one to give you an idea of what is thought to be acceptable.

And here


hercules Fri 26-Mar-04 17:06:57

london is £20-25 an hour

hmb Fri 26-Mar-04 17:52:54

Depends where you are in the UK and what level you are thinking about.

alibubbles Fri 26-Mar-04 20:29:32

In St Albans: German £25 an hour, Maths £20 French £19

Moomin Sat 27-Mar-04 15:06:08

Thanks all - I'm in the Midlands and the pupil wants KS3 SATs help so I guess 12/13 quid an hour sounds reasonable?

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