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A levels fail

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hardestdecisionever Wed 11-Jun-14 12:30:13


Our DD has just sat her A levels and doesn't think she has done very well (although the amount of effort put in may be a part of that!). She has a conditional offer from uni but has already decided to take a gap year.

Is it possible for her to retake yr 13 at a state school? She has been in a private school for 6th form but we are not willing to pay out for the additional year. I realise admissions for state 6th form are probably now over so how would we need to go about this?

Any help or advice much appreciated.

Clobbered Thu 12-Jun-14 23:43:05

What is her reason for taking the gap year? She doesn't know for sure yet that she won't meet her offer. Sounds suspiciously like she doesn't actually want to do the work at uni either. I'd suggest she gets cracking now and starts looking for a job. No need to wait until September. Stop paying for stuff and make her realise that she has to get off her butt and do something. And frankly, stop trying to fix her life for her - you coming up with options isn't really the way forward is it? Let her grow up and sort herself out. If she finds some options for herself, maybe she will be more committed to whatever she chooses.

Whyjustwhyagain Fri 13-Jun-14 11:53:24

Hardestdecisionever - if you haven't already spotted it, go take a look in higher education at a thread titled Ucas/results 2014.
There are some uni admissions tutors on the site, and some up to date info regarding resits and how they are viewed.

link here

nobodysbabynow Fri 13-Jun-14 17:53:05

I teach in a 6th Form College and we accept new students to resit a year - the only problems arise when they have done different exam boards to the ones we do.

hardestdecisionever Sat 14-Jun-14 11:34:51

To enrol for a rest year do you take pupils on results day if they bring their results or do people generally need to contact the school and get a place before term ends and results come in? Not sure what is best to do, whether to wait for results or contact the relevant schools sixth forms now?

nobodysbabynow Sat 14-Jun-14 21:57:02

I would get in touch now to talk it over, don't wait till results day.

Luggagecarousel Sun 15-Jun-14 02:08:39

Both. contact the schools now, and ask if she can apply. Many schools have "closed" and "open" enrolment. Closed is agreed in advance, a conditional offer, which means the student can enrol straight away if they get the results needed. "Open" enrolment is when everyone who has a conditional offer has been sorted out, and any places still empty are open for anyone to apply to.

Cocodale Sun 15-Jun-14 21:14:07

My dd has just retaken her maths by having a tutor once a week, twice during the exams. These were retaken at her college as an external candidate, was much more motivated with a university place to work towards and a really lovely young tutor.

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