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From secondary to primary

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emkana Fri 26-Mar-04 09:09:23

I used to be a secondary school teacher, before I had dd1 nearly three years ago. I am now thinking what to do about work, and I just can't bear to go back to my old job or something similar, especially full-time, which seems to be the only thing available. So I'm thinking about becoming a primary school teacher instead. Does anybody know what I have to do? Are there conversion courses? What about the fact that I have a (German) degree in German literature and history - not exactly relevant to the primary curriculum. Will that be a hindrance?
Any tips appreciated! Also, one reason I want to do this is that I think it's easier to get job-share or part-time work in primary. Is that true?

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 09:17:38

There are conversion courses available. They twend to be in term time on week days though so can't really do them if you are working. They are not compulsory however and some schools may take you on without doing them. But you do need to provide evidence of knowing the up to date stuff ont he primary curriculum - literacy and numeracy hours, etc. and you need to have had some recent class room experience. I am not sure on your degree bit as don't know enough about the curriculum at primary.

BTW, I would not assume it is easier to get PT at primary. My friend has really struggled to get a job share or PT post. I think for timetabling it is often easier to get OT at secondary (seems less job share though IME, more straight forward PT).

I have just quit my last teaching post - leave in summer. That was 60% PT after maternity leave. When looking for a new job I have noticed rarely at PT jobs advertised. So I look at FT jobs I fancy and write the application anyway, but add a statement about wanting them to consider it as PT or job share. As a result of one of these last week - I now have an interview on Tuesday. It was advertised as full time, but the head is keen to see me and understands that I do want it as PT only and is happy about that.

Lara2 Sun 04-Apr-04 20:49:24

emkana, I'd definately go and do a conversion course. Primary is SO different from secondary - I've known people go up with no problems, but also know people that have found it nigh on impossible just to come down with no help from KS2 to KS1. Bear in mind you would be teaching everything, and teaching all day everyday, and the same children too. While your degree will get you a job, could you teach PE, RE, ICT, Art, DT etc without any refresher training? I get 2 half days non-contact time each half term to do my curriculum area and IEP's. All planning is done in my own time - long, medium and short term. If it's for you - go for it! You'll love it! Good luck!!!!

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