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I have an interview!!!

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Hulababy Thu 25-Mar-04 19:28:35

The head of ICT from local school (sent in speculative application form as was for full time job) has just phoned me and sent me an e-mail with details for an interview next Tuesday. I queried the part time bit which he was unclear about. He does think there is possible flexiblilty for that option but will speak to the head tomorrow and call me back.

School is pretty good and much closer. ICt rooms are better equipped. Will do more research now.

Interview is daunting as not done one for a while. Day starts at 9:45 with meeting with head, tour of school, etc. Then I have to teach a lesson - intro to databases to Year 7 (just taught that unit this term to my Y7 pupils ) whoich is a bit scary! Interviews then start from 1pm all afternoon - so maybe long day.

Feel all nervous now.

Also - I have to drive all way to Mollie's nusery beforehand which takes about 45 minutes each way so don't even get a lie in! Will have to get MIL to collect her in afternoon I think.

fio2 Thu 25-Mar-04 19:35:35

Hope things go well for you hula that was quick though, bet you are chuffed!!

sammac Thu 25-Mar-04 19:44:37

That's fantastic Hulababy- he must have been impressed with your cv. I'm sure you'll be fine, altho I would be very nervous having to teach as part of an interview, but if you've just done it that'll be in your favour Lol at getting a lie-in- dream on!!

popsycal Thu 25-Mar-04 19:47:05

Blast them with the lesson hula!! You will be great!
Good luck!

roisin Thu 25-Mar-04 19:47:15

Wahey - exciting. Hope you get a positive response from the Head about job-sharing, or whatever.

Hope interview goes well Hula ... The idea of teaching a large unknown yr 7 class, makes me think of Claire Short ... I'm sure YOU will be fantastic!

hmb Thu 25-Mar-04 19:50:17

Ohh, fingers crossed. I hope that it all goes well for you and that the school is nice.

They will be lucky to get you.

CountessDracula Thu 25-Mar-04 19:52:58

Congratulations and good luck for the interview!

kiwisbird Thu 25-Mar-04 20:00:35

wow how exciting!
Good luck Hula!

SenoraPostrophe Thu 25-Mar-04 20:04:48

Good luck hula!

Marina Fri 26-Mar-04 09:00:18

Best of luck Hulababy, hope it turns out to be a really good job (and that you get it of course!)

Hulababy Fri 26-Mar-04 09:03:43

Thanks all!

Well, the HoD has just phone me back. The head was aware that I wanted it as part time (60%) and they still are keen to interview me on Tuesday.

Oh no - now have to go and plan that lesson

Janh Fri 26-Mar-04 09:33:28

Good luck, Hula! You know you can do it!

Fisil Fri 26-Mar-04 18:53:12

Good luck Hula.

I am interviewing next week and have asked the candidates to teach a lesson. We are only looking for one thing - that the teacher connects with the students. For example, we were impressed recently by a candidate who got all the students to write their name on a card, and then refered to the students by name in her interview later on.

Good luck - sounds really exciting. (can't you get MIL to take her in the morning too? So that you arrive fresh and not frazzled by the traffic)

Cod Fri 26-Mar-04 18:54:58

Message withdrawn

hercules Fri 26-Mar-04 19:00:30

Good luck hulababy!!

geogteach Sat 27-Mar-04 11:10:00

I think the lesson is a great opportunity - i've done this a couple of times. For the name thing i've given the kids sticky labels before so they stick their names to themselves to help you. try to make it as interactive as possible and obviously have opportunites for different abilities to shine. Hope this doesn't sound like teaching grandmother to suck eggs! GOOD LUCK

donnie Tue 30-Mar-04 15:00:37

so come on then Hula - how did it go ??? are you back yet???

Hulababy Tue 30-Mar-04 15:18:46

Sorry guys but I didn't go I actually withdrew yesterday. I talked more to Dh about it and we decided that it really wasn't what I wanted for next year. Lots of reasons:

* too much A-level which I don't enjoy much
* OFSTED due any time - had 2 years of constant inspections
* ICT club before and after school!!!
* still take over 40 minutes to get to each day
* couldn't guarantee they'd consider it as PT anyway
* got the impression from talking to the HoD that I knew much more about the National Strategy than he did
* ICT equipment was worse than here

So, all in all I think I have made the best decision. I am going to stick to my original plans of doing some supply work, and hopefully working in the loca prisons - have application form for that. At least for this bnext year and I will see how I feel after that.

Thanks for your best wishes though everyone. Meant to post on here earlier but got waylaid in planning!!!

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