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English GCSE coursework 'lost' by Teacher and unmarked. Written exam today.

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EngGC Tue 03-Jun-14 23:31:42

(Have name changed)

Advice needed please.

Sixth form college -English GCSE retake. 4 controlled assessments required =40% of the exam. Teacher advised today, 1 of the 4 required controlled assessments (coursework) wasn't completed. Became apparent after the written GCSE exam today. (Written exam being 60% of the grade).

The controlled assessment was completed and submitted by the student. The teacher lost the work and believing the student didn't attend the controlled assessment hadn't taken any action. Teacher advised the student, on being told the student did attend and complete the controlled assessment they would find the coursework, mark and advise the exam board of their error.

This teacher failed to contact the student as agreed today with an update with regards to finding the work, the marking of this work. Even checking the register (-which will prove the student did attend and complete the assessment). This has a huge impact on the students final exam mark.

What can we do now?

creamteas Wed 04-Jun-14 12:24:18

There isn't really much you can do either than ensure that the college is following proper procedures (eg here).

Have you tried contacting their Exams Office directly? I would do this as they will be the ones filling out the paperwork.

intheenddotcom Wed 04-Jun-14 20:42:16

It will be too late for marks to be submitted - almost all are due early to mid May. I think English was around the 15th May/

School will need to contact exam board ASAP - there is a procedure for lost work.

Unexpected Wed 04-Jun-14 21:18:08

What is the timeline here? When was the CA done and how long has the teacher known that the work has been lost? I assume this is your child and that you are certain that the CA was handed to the teacher?

Fruityb Wed 04-Jun-14 21:22:41

Marks would have been submitted for CA at the beginning of May, so this should have been noticed a while ago, as the exam board will have requested and received the sample for moderation three weeks ago. Contact exams officer and exam board.

ravenAK Wed 04-Jun-14 21:27:37

CA will have been completed under exam conditions in school - school should have a register to prove whether student attended all/some of the sessions (typically 2-3 hours over a few lessons).

Not that that's a huge amount of help if the work is missing & has never been marked; it'd be relatively straightforward if there was an agreed mark & just the work itself missing. School need to contact exam board urgently with full story.

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