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formal complaint to governors....

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nannynicky Mon 02-Jun-14 14:00:56


Random question. We have put a formal complaint into my sons school on friday 16th May.

The chair of governors emailed to confirm reciept saying they had recieved the complaint on the morning of Monday May 19th. In this email she said we would recieve a fuller response within 10 working days.

So does half term count as working days? its not clear and I am wondering when we may get a response.


nlondondad Mon 02-Jun-14 14:13:25

Half term, would not, in general, count as working days for a school. Working days would be those days the school is actually open.

Unexpected Mon 02-Jun-14 14:55:36

I would not count them as working days as no teachers will have been available during that time if their input is required in response to the complaint. I might also allow for the fact that Governors are volunteers, several are parents themselves, and may well have been away during half-term.

chocaholic73 Thu 05-Jun-14 18:13:56

Half term does definitely not count as working days - it is days when the school is open.

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