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Haileybury - Experiences Please??

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cherrypieinmyeye Tue 27-May-14 19:31:53

Considering Haileybury for our DS starting in Yr 9 as day boy. Any experiences please? Are the kids down to earth and friendly? Looks a bit austere but reviews seem good - please any info - thank you!

Dancingdreamer Wed 28-May-14 19:49:37

Not sure if my experience will help you but noticed you had no replies yet. We met the head and some other staff at independent schools event. We were very impressed with the people we met. Liked the ethos and would def consider the school if location were right (sadly decided it won't work for us).

Gunznroses Wed 28-May-14 21:07:13

Very good school with good academic results but not top league table (if that's what you're looking for) A good all rounder, takes a broad range of children. lovely location and beautiful site. Very good pastoral care and dedicated teachers. Has a very well supported SN unit particular for dyslexics. Fantastic music department, i think the won the last BBC songs of praise or if not were definitely finalists.

Dustylaw Wed 04-Jun-14 21:45:15

Young relatives attended Haileybury as day pupils and had no problem with that in terms of fitting and joining in. The point that caused the problem was mostly that Haileybury has Saturday morning school at 13 plus and expects school team attendance for Saturday afternoon matches. Well, that is down to how you and your DS feel about it so I don't see it as a negative against the school - that is entirely about what you want and what you will wholeheartedly sign up for. We looked at Haileybury and decided on another school but had come to like Haileybury a lot. If it had been convenient as a day school choice we would definitely have chosen it because impressed on many fronts as the others have said.

Dustylaw Wed 04-Jun-14 21:52:02

Just to add that I also remember not warming to Haileybury on our first visit which really surprised me at the time. However, we did do other visits and contact and that turned it around. Our experience of the application and exam and interview process was also very positive - surprisingly child-centred and warm given that the circumstances.

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