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Bullying ..

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Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 20:59:41

Message withdrawn

PipBeckett Mon 22-Mar-04 21:10:57

Check out this link. My sister runs it. It's a charity.

ScummyMummy Mon 22-Mar-04 21:15:50

Your sister's link looks great, pip. Does ds1 know what would work, Beety? Poor sweetie. Hope you can sort it out together.

Jimjams Mon 22-Mar-04 21:16:48

who's your dh chatting to? The choir master or the boy?

Is the boy picking on lots of the juniors or just your son?

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 21:17:42

Message withdrawn

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 21:18:54

Message withdrawn

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 21:19:42

Message withdrawn

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 21:20:58

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Mon 22-Mar-04 21:30:26

Are the school any good at sorting this sort of thing out? Maybe give them a chance to first- but let your son know you won't tolerate it still happening.....

Could your son stand next to someone else?

ScummyMummy Mon 22-Mar-04 21:33:38

That sounds like quite a good first step, Jimjams. Is there some musical reason for them to be next to each other, Beety?

ScummyMummy Mon 22-Mar-04 21:38:14

Is it solely connected to your son singing the wrong notes? Sounds a bit strange. Could this child have aspergers or something?

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 21:44:24

Message withdrawn

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 21:45:53

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Mon 22-Mar-04 21:46:46

Sounds like the choirmaster's dealing with it, then, B. Hurrah. And good news about his impressedness with ds too. Are you grinning with pride?

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 21:50:27

Message withdrawn

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 21:51:57

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Mon 22-Mar-04 21:54:38

They'll definitely be keeping an eye out now Beets, so don't worry.

Ds sounds like a star.

Beety Mon 22-Mar-04 22:15:40

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Mon 22-Mar-04 22:41:01

good good. Yes- you definitely pass the great parents test when they feel ok to tell you stuff like that, I think.

Beety Tue 23-Mar-04 07:47:00

Message withdrawn

PipBeckett Tue 23-Mar-04 20:48:38

Beety, I'm glad you found my sisters site useful. She is quite willing to offer advise either over the phone or via E-mail. The contact details are on the website. I hope everything is going okay.

tigermoth Thu 25-Mar-04 07:39:41

hope all goes well beetroot. It sounds like the choir master is on the ball here. Has your son any good friends in the choir who can look out for him as well?

Anyway, not too long to wait for Easter now, and the reshuffle of places.

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