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Sex Offenders living near schools?

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Soapysuds64 Thu 08-May-14 14:25:45

Without wishing to open a can of worms..... A parent has come to me concerned about a rumour she has heard, that there is a sex offender living opposite the (primary) school. I said I would look into this further (joins of being Parent Council chair...), but firstly, I was wondering if there was a law in the UK - specifically Scotland - about sex offenders being prohibited from living within a certain distance of schools - or is this just an American thing?

meditrina Thu 08-May-14 14:43:17

Rumour is a devil.

People can end up on the SRO for a range of offences, not all of which involve children.

In your shoes, I would tell the parent to report concerns to the school and let them sort it out. This is not a matter for a Parents' Association.

jeee Thu 08-May-14 14:47:06

I'd also bear in mind that most urban schools will have several hundred houses within a couple of hundred metres of some part of the school grounds.... so it's likely that most, and certainly many, have a registered sex offender living in the vicinity of any given school.

Playingthelonggame Thu 08-May-14 14:51:31

Do not ever listen to rumours.

A member of my family was accused of a sex attack , posters were put up about him. His wife left him. People were talking in the pub about burn g his house down. He was verging on taking his life.

The police found out it was a disgruntled ex employee - a 50 year old man that tried to ruin his life.

Find out facts first.

squizita Thu 08-May-14 15:37:18

Even if there is someone on 'the register', you do not know what for.

It could be someone unpleasant who groped his ex. Nasty, but no risk to kids.

It could also be, as Playing says, a false rumour.

You just don't know the circumstances. I know of a case where a controlling father reported his daughter's boyfriend (days after his 16th birthday) for statutory rape. She was only weeks younger, and they were experimenting as teens of the same age do. But according to the letter of the law, it was enforced (it was during the media furore about the stupid 'not all rape is the same' comment).

Soapysuds64 Thu 08-May-14 15:42:51

i understand and agree with all of this - it's just a rumour that the parent concerned doesn't want to get out of hand. Of course, I will be following this with the head teacher, but if there is a law that prohibits sex offenders living near schools, we would straight away know that this rumour is rubbish.

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Thu 08-May-14 15:51:51

If there is no such law then what will happen?

It's not like you could do anything about the person living opposite (if the rumours are true).

TalkinPeace Thu 08-May-14 15:54:58

^ it's just a rumour that the parent concerned doesn't want to get out of hand^
then they should not have passed it on.

MsUumellmahaye Thu 08-May-14 16:00:46

ignore the rumours, however there is no such law, if its a private house they cannot stop person living there.

Soapysuds64 Thu 08-May-14 16:16:38

Thanks MsUumellmahaye. There is probably no truth in the rumours, and as others have said, a previous sex offender is not necessarily of any danger. Will follow this up with school.

Cupid5tunt Thu 08-May-14 16:21:54

The school will not be able to do anything even if it is true.

People on the SOR are monitored with regards to their address by appropriate authorities and my guess is that if the rumours are true the person is perfectly within their rights to live where they do.

Rumours are vicious and I personally wouldn't be giving them the time of day.

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