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Grimsdyke School Hatchend

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Slightlyoffcentre Tue 06-May-14 14:14:21

Hello! DS has been offered a seat at reception in Grimsdyke School, Hatchend. Would really appreciate any feedback from parents who are currently educating their children at this school. I'm particularly keen on knowing if they have a strong policy of challenging kids who are ahead of their peers. I would also like to know more of the crowd that makes the school. And if children passing out have made to good private and grammar schools. Looking forward to your inputs!

bubblesmonkey Tue 06-May-14 14:52:23

My dd is in yr3 and did yrR and 1 at grimsdyke. I liked the school and the other parents but felt like the school didn't know what to do with dd. She was ahead of her class and not encouraged to improve, she just coasted. She is now in a private school but will only stay till yr6. There was no easy answer as neither school is perfect for her, but I hope she will at least gain a work ethic where she is now which she wasn't doing before.

Slightlyoffcentre Tue 06-May-14 16:26:33

Thanks bubblesmonkey. This is very useful. Both DH and I have concurred that private school will instill a strong work ethic which will go a long way. I'm really surprised that Grimsdyke doesn't adhere to a strong policy of challenging children who are ahead of their peers. A lot of other state schools in the same borough are known for doing that. I wonder then what is the secret behind them achieving such good results year after year and sustaining their long standing reputation of an outstanding academic school.

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