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Harpur trust/Kimbolton/Laxton/Wellingborough

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Peanut15 Mon 05-May-14 18:19:46


My little boy is only 15 months old - thought I had ages before thinking about schools but a couple of friends have scared me by saying the preregistered for some of these schools before birth!

We will look closely into the state options nearer the time.

Should I be looking at these schools now? Any tips on where to begin with any of them? I went to one of the Harpur trust so know it well. Would love to send DS there but we live over 30 mins away - not too far for secondary I would have thought but a long way for primary. Kimbolton is an obvious choice for us due to location but when I was at school (many moons ago now) it didn't have the greatest reputation. I don't know much about Laxton/Wellingborough but they are fairly close in the other direction so feel we should look.

I'd like the school to go from 4 - 18 but understand this may not be possible. I'd like classics to be taught (not keen on Kimbolton due to this) and an environment which encourages them to achieve and be the best but not hot house. I quite like the idea of single sex but with DC2 on the way we might have to wait and find out to see what gender it is before making a decision on that!

Any tips people? There's an open day this week I'm thinking of ringing up for!

Peanut15 Wed 07-May-14 14:58:07


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