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neetsmassi Sun 21-Mar-04 22:57:59

Last year - around August, there was a thread about Montessori schools in St. Albans - does anyone know where it is as a friend of mine is interested and I wanted to give her details.

Thanks in advance

kiwisbird Mon 22-Mar-04 13:18:42

Montessori School
Little Cheverells
Cheverells Green
St Albans
Hertfordshire AL3 8AA
T: 01582841278

neetsmassi Mon 22-Mar-04 22:50:41

Thanks Kiwibird. I think there was also one on Watling Street - does anybody know this one?

neetsmassi Mon 22-Mar-04 22:53:02

Sorry that shoud be "Thanks Kiwisbird"

alibubbles Tue 23-Mar-04 07:39:12

Hi, the one on Watling treet is called Fairview and is run by Yvette Byrne . I have known her since she started it 10 years ago in the scout hut but it is now a purpose built nursery on her house. 15 children in the morning and afternoon, most stay to lunch and a few all day. Anything you want to know just ask. I have a video of it as well.... a day at Fairview if you want to borrow it.
As you can find the number on the web from the CIS I have put it here for you 01727 842102

neetsmassi Tue 23-Mar-04 17:06:57

Thanks Alibubbles - I will pass the information on.

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