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Newcastle Preparatory School

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NorthernHippy Tue 22-Apr-14 12:59:43

Anyone here with experience of this school? I know it has no senior school so would be interested to know the general senior school destinations - I assume a lot go to RGS for Year 7. What about other private schools in the area, in particular Central (or Newcastle High School for Girls) and Dame Allan's - is there a fair number that go there?

Any other information such as pastoral care would be appreciated.

Monica101 Wed 23-Apr-14 08:59:48

I'm also interested in any first hand experiences for NPS. DD is on the short list for this school but I have not yet had a chance to look around etc.

NorthernHippy there is some info on NPS on this thread.

princessgraceofmonaco Thu 24-Apr-14 09:29:08

Have two daughters currently at the school and been there since reception. We wanted a mixed school for them.

We love it. I think most classes have more boys than girls (largely I think because there is more of a choice for girls private education) but can't say that this has been in any way shape or form a problem. My older daughter's class is so close knit that they all still play together, no division yet into boys vs girls!

School has a lovely atmosphere and will push along those children who will benefit esp with further maths from yr 3 onwards.

Majority of children go to their first choice secondary school - I think usu over half go to RGS, but there is a fair spread out to other private schools eg Dame Allan's, Central, even Durham, plus a few go into state sector. Head teacher is lovely - very approachable and visible and clearly leads school well.

Pastoral care appears excellent - all kids encouraged to have manners, from yr 4 they become buddies to a younger class and go to do reading with them plus have a "buddy trip" once a year. My DDs have loved it since the moment they arrived - they are thriving in every way there.

Monica101 Sat 26-Apr-14 15:32:31

Thanks princessgraceofmonaco that's really interesting. I am in the process of choosing either NPS or Central Newcastle for DD who is 2. She will start reception 2016.

Is there a big exodus of children leaving at 7 to go to RGS? I think DD will not end up at RGS so I'd be looking to leave her in NPS from reception to year 6.

What the ratio of boys to girls roughly? Is it about 70/30. That is my reservation when sending her, not sure I would like such a big split but then on other hand not that keen on single sex.

Is there a playing field and yard etc, I have heard the building is quite small. I know I must go and have a look but interesting to talk to some one whose children attend.

Thanks in advance.

NorthernHippy Mon 28-Apr-14 10:32:17

Thanks princess that was very informative.

Monica I have heard that the school doesn't have much outdoor space but I don't know how true that is.

I really need to look around myself at some point.

princessgraceofmonaco Wed 30-Apr-14 11:18:51

I would truly recommend you look round - it may vary from year to year but they are often heavily subscribed for their places for reception, especially if you don't want to use the nursery.

In DD1s class there were 6 girls and 13 boys, in DD2s class there are 5 girls and (IIRC) 12 boys. There are two classes per year. Talking to friends with girls in same years at central they are already starting to see the cliqueyness that girls do far more than boys - we don't have any of that. DD1 plays as much with the boys as the girls.

In DD1s year about 6 left from her year to go to RGS but they also had new kids come in and they still have two fabulous classes. DD2 isn't at that stage yet, no idea how many will try for RGS. We won't as NPS is just lovely - RGS seems so huge in comparison and will be fine for senior school.

Outdoor space - nursery and reception have their own playground on the main school site which is lovely. Y1-6 go across the road to the sports hall/field/playground but breaks are staggered so the playground never seems crowded.

Can you tell we love the school (and I am paying them for me to say this, not the other way round!)?

Monica101 Sun 04-May-14 13:56:18

Thanks again princess, i'm going to few the school this term. I'm now having a minor panic DD will not get in as we are only short listed. Put her name down at 16 months. Obviously not early enough!

It sounds lovely and I am coming around to the benefits of co ed versus all girls.

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