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Homework help!! Can anyone recommend a site to find about history of internet (for 8 yr old)

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oxocube Fri 19-Mar-04 15:42:53

Hi everyone. Ds, aged 8, has to prepare a presentation about the internet for his school project of 'inventions' but we are having problems finding relevant sites which explain in fairly simple terms how the internet began. There is loads of information (which is really the problem) but very little seems aimed at kids and the whole point is that ds is supposed to research this himself! Does anyone know of any sites which may be useful? TIA

Hulababy Fri 19-Mar-04 15:47:41

Internet was developed in USA as part of their miltary, never intended to be aas huge as this originally.

I'm an ICt teacher so I have all this stuff somewhere - will have to hunt it out. This is a huge project for an 8 year old. I set something similar for my pupils but they are aged 11 upwards.

How soon do you need it?
And what exacvtly does he need to now?

Then I can search through my bits and pieces!

Hulababy Fri 19-Mar-04 15:50:18

Try here to start with and it may give you some stuff to wade through together. Aimed a bit higher really but is aimed at children. Will keep looking through my stuff for you.

chocbox Fri 19-Mar-04 15:57:54

Try this:
Sorry can't do links.

Hulababy Fri 19-Mar-04 16:01:50


very basic introduction to the topic, with extra links to other sites


more detailed and aimed at adults but you may be able to get some stuff out of it for your DS

oxocube Fri 19-Mar-04 16:13:42

Thnaks so much! I don't think his presentation has to be particularly detailed. The questions he has to answer are things like, who/why/when developed internet; how it has changed in last few years; ds's vision of what it will be like in futureetc. He is also going to talk about the advantages of having access to the internet as well as the problems this can pose.

We'll check the links now and thanks again! The presentation is for next week!

chocbox Fri 19-Mar-04 16:17:49

Sorry didn't read your post - only the title of the thread and mis-read that too! Thought I read 'history site for 8 yr old on the internet'

Hulababy Fri 19-Mar-04 16:18:50

Hope these help, but I will have a look through my files later on after I have fed and watered DD!

oxocube Fri 19-Mar-04 16:29:02

hello, I am william. Thank you for the info for my homework. It will really help.

Hulababy Fri 19-Mar-04 16:43:34

Okay. So far I have come up with this. Some of it is from different websites, and some from my teaching files. I have tried to summarise it but some you will have to go through and explain more simply. As I said I do this with slighter older children. I hope some of it might be usefulto your DS:

What - The Internet consists of thousands of connected networks around the world. A network is a collection of computers that are connected to share information. The Internet is made up of the WWW and e-mail mainly, but it is to do with all the computers linked together for lots of different reasons.

Who - It was the U.S. Defense Department who first thought of the Internet idea.

Why - It began as a military research project. The US government created a network that covered a large geographic area and that could withstand a nuclear attack. If part of the network failed, information could find a new route around the disabled computers. So that even in a nuclear attack the US computers would still be able to talk to each other and people could communcicte through the computers.

When - The idea to connect computers together so that they could talk to each other started in the 1960s. By the late 1960s this was being developed.

How it has changed in last few years - The network of computers conencted together quickly grew to include scientists and researchers across the country and eventually included schools, businesses, organizations and individuals around the world. It is now available to people at home, in schools and universities, and in public libraries and "cyber cafes." By 1999 there were 150 million users on the Internet. On the World Wide Web part of the Internet there are over 800 million web pages accessible.

ds's vision of what it will be like in future - well that is for him to decide;

advantages of having access to the internet -

It is changing cultural patterns, business practices, the consumer industry, and research and educational pursuits.

It helps people keep up to date on world events, find a restaurants or a cheap flight for holidays, play games, and discuss everything from
apples to zoology.

It has marshaled support for human rights in suppressed nations, saved the life of a child in Beijing, and helped a man in Iowa find a lost family member in Brazil.

It helps businesses - For example, meetings can take place using video conferencing where lots of people can sit at their computers at see and hear each other. This means that businesses save money as they don't have to send their workers on long visits around the country and abroad as much

The Internet gives us instant communication using e-mail and Messenger

You an even do education over Internet - For example, people who live in remote islands can use Internet links to watch lessons, to talk to teachers, to do and submit work and have it marked

You can use it to keep in touch with people abroad (messenger, e-mail, can have web cams and see and talk to each other)

Adults might use it to sort out their banking and finance stuff

Today people can search thousands of databases and libraries worldwide in several languages, browse through hundreds of millions of documents, journals, books, and computer programs, and keep up to the minute with news, sports, and weather reports.

An increasing number of people shop, bank, and pay bills on the Internet. Many invest in stocks and commodities online.

It's a powerful symbol of society's expectations about the future - fast-moving technology that adds convenience and efficiency to their lives.

Problems this can pose.

Look here: for lots of child-related safety hints about how to use the Internet safely. Very important!!!

Lots of great info on the WWW but can sometimes be too much information - lots to writing and pages to look through through and find out what is useful. People need to learn how to use search engines well (for kids is good).

The Internet is not owned or controlled by any company, corporation, or nation so can cause problems as they all have their own rules, and every countries laws about the Internet is different.

I'd be really pleased to hear his progress and how it gets on. Good luck to him (and you)!

Hulababy Fri 19-Mar-04 16:43:52

Good luck William

oxocube Fri 19-Mar-04 19:28:34

Hulababy, this is so kind of you! I'll make sure Wills names you as one of his sources in his presentation!! (And mumsnet of course ) Enjoy the rest of your evening. oxo xx

Hulababy Fri 19-Mar-04 19:38:52

No problem at all. It's my job!!! I hope he finds some of it useful. Good luck to him

collision Fri 19-Mar-04 19:43:58

Oh Hula.....what a lovely teacher you are. I wish you had been around when I was 14 and doing the BLOODY Balfour Declaration for History!!

Hulababy Sat 20-Mar-04 16:51:29

Don't think I'd have much help there though Collision! Know nothing of History.

Honestly though, I'm a teacher. My job is to help out pupils and students. Just cos they aren't in my class it doesn't matter as far as I am concerned.

Besdies this homework seemed way too difficult for an 8yo. Doubt it was an ICT specialist who set it. The stuff on the net on this topic is way above their heads.

noddy5 Sat 20-Mar-04 16:54:06 is v good for homework help

CountessDracula Sat 20-Mar-04 17:20:10

Well according to the Richmond and Twickenham times the internet was invented by a man who grew up in East Sheen!

Here is the article!!

Hulababy Sat 20-Mar-04 17:37:39

He didn't invent the Internet but the WWW bit:

"After graduating in 1976, he worked as a software engineer for various British companies, as well as two spells at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva.

He began thinking about making computers more user-friendly and developed a way of linking files so that clicking on a word connected the user to a further page.

The internet, the physical network of cables and computers around the globe, had existed since the late 1960s, but accessing it in those days involved sending a string of incomprehensible text to a distant server.

In 1989 Tim had the idea of making it accessible to ordinary folk, inventing cyberspace as we know it today. The concept was to treat the global network as if it were one giant information space.

He also wrote early browser software which gave the web the look we take for granted today.

Tim coined the name World Wide Web and the www prefix for pages - at the time, his wife reportedly laughed at this, pointing out that the abbreviation has more syllables than the full wording.

The web took a few years to build momentum but when it took off it changed the world of business and leisure forever."

Thanks CD - didn't know this bit; will come in useful next time I set this as homework!

oxocube Sat 20-Mar-04 19:44:41

Well, Hula, we started to write the presentation today, thanks to your help! I say we, because although the writing, wording and actual presentation has to be done by ds, the parents are expected to help a lot with research, guidance etc.

Its interesting that you, as a teacher, think the subject is too old for an 8 yr old. The school uses the Primary Years System and the 'theme' of this unit is "Off The Drawing Board". The kids could choose any invention to discuss and research, but it just happens that Will wanted to do the internet. (The invention of steam may have been much easier!) do you know anything about the PYP approach? I only ask because I am really impressed by it. They have a trip every unit to a relevant museum/ show etc. (this time it was to Holland's only bicycle museum) which the children really seem to get a lot out of and have to give a presentation to the rest of their class on a chosen topic every 6 weeks.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the system (if you have any ) and would like to thank you again for the help and the time you have taken. Wills is dead impressed, although he can't get his head around the fact that a teacher can be called 'Hulababy' !!!!

popsycal Sat 20-Mar-04 19:49:00

i havent heard of PYP and i teach year 6......
but it may just be me....!

Hulababy Sat 20-Mar-04 19:52:41

Sorry - I don't know the system Oxocube. I teach secondary and don't know much about the primary system. I can understand the idea of inventions and choice though. I just thought it was hard as I know from experience that the online stuff about Internet history is generally aimed at adults and is quite thorough and in depth. Possibly some other topics may have been available in younger child form.

The idea of the museum trips, etc. sounds great too.

LOL at your DS!!! Would it make him happier for me to be called Mrs King, as that is what my pupils call me?!?

SueW Sun 21-Mar-04 09:18:16

There's lots of interesting info on W3C too.

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