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Garden House boys

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DoMyBest Sun 20-Apr-14 13:42:30

Our son's starting at Garden House school, boys, year 1 in September: any other (new, like us, or existing) parents out there who'd like to meet beforehand?

startafamilyinlondon Sun 18-May-14 14:12:40

Congratulations! GH is number 1 or 2 in our list of schools for my son (much younger than yours, won't be interviewed for reception until Sep 2015). I keep on hearing parents of children at this school are snobby etc but I hope you find it reassuring that everyone I have met has been beyond nice! I am sure you will find wonderful parents to befriend and your son will have a wonderful time at the school!

DoMyBest Mon 19-May-14 15:26:49

Thanks startafamilyinlondon. I sat in the GH waiting area for half an hour (we'd arrived ridiculously early for my son's assessment day) and watched/listened to the other parents. Apart from a wonderful mixture of languages and cultures, I also eavesdropped on a few conversations which showed the parents were charmingly modest - almost old-school. Quite a few mothers in trainers, most children arriving on scooters or walking (I didn't spot one driver), and ridiculously happy looking children. I'm delighted to hear that the parents you've met have been beyond nice too. Perhaps we'll meet in the courtyard one day smile

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