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Oxford, Berkshire Prep schools: Oratory, Elstree, Crosfields

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Heisenberg2 Wed 16-Apr-14 09:21:15

We are having to return to the UK suddenly after being overseas and need to find a prep school for our two DS starting in September. So far we have been told only the Oratory prep, Elstree and Crosfields have spaces. I have been struggling to find reviews on any of these schools. Any information would be great. One DS is sporty but not very academic and the other is bright but suffers from mild/moderate dyslexia.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Wed 16-Apr-14 09:31:55

You would be better posting in Education or Primary Education

Catflap1 Wed 16-Apr-14 09:40:04

I live close to the oratory but don't know much about it to be honest!

Others in the area that I have known people go to are

St Andrew (near Tidmarsh/Pangbourne)

Pangbourne college

Bradfield college

Wellington college

But depend on what ages your children are, but you should fine info online

grovel Wed 16-Apr-14 09:53:33

Take a look at Lambrook. Near Ascot.

AmyMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-Apr-14 10:28:24

Hi OP,

We've moved your thread to education so you might get a better response. You could also post on the Mumsnet Local Oxford or Berkshire board to get a response from people in the area.

sunnyweatherplease Wed 16-Apr-14 15:00:58

how old are they?

Heisenberg2 Wed 16-Apr-14 17:49:49

The boys are both 10 years old

grovel Wed 16-Apr-14 19:24:12

I am glad you are now on an Education page. Hopefully you'll get more feedback. Do you know where you are going to to live?. Do you care about boarding/day/single sex/ co-ed etc?. Do you have ideas about where they might go on to after prep school? Good luck.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 16-Apr-14 19:24:14

Do you want boarding or day?

sunnyweatherplease Wed 16-Apr-14 20:42:21

ok, so you need an all through school, or a prep school up to year 8.
St Andrews - Pangbourne,
Is Shiplake all through, or just Senior???

WheresRyder Wed 16-Apr-14 20:46:28

I have several friends with dc at crosfields who are all very happy with it. Unfortunately I don't know very much about it other than friends experiences. All of the children seem to be doing very well there.

SoldeInvierno Thu 17-Apr-14 07:56:13

Try Holme Grange as well. They do have spaces for Y6

happygardening Thu 17-Apr-14 08:27:14

Shiplake is just senior. Do you want them to go to the same senior school? You say one is sporty but not very academic, this will seriously effect your choices if you do. Do you know where your living?Oxfordshire/Berkshire is a big area, would you look at a boarding prep. Dragon in Oxford itself takes a broad in take a friend has two DC's both very different profile both have loved Dragon. They would also advise you very well about senior schools.

CQ Thu 17-Apr-14 08:38:07

I've never heard a bad word about Crosfields, esp for boys (only recently went co-ed all the way to Yr 8 I think so girls were in the minority initially). Moulsford also has a good reputation. And Dolphin School near Twyford seems to have quite a few returning expats so easier to integrate.

We were in the same boat as you, OP, 3 years ago. So hard - do you pick the school first, or the location you want to live in??

I found the Good Schools Guide website invaluable - it's free to use for basic searches and info, and just £30 a year for access to more detailed reports etc.

Fastcarsandsoftcats Thu 24-Apr-14 11:16:31

I can thoroughly recommend St Andrews Prep near Pangbourne. There are several dyslexic pupils at the school and it is sporty enough for those who thrive at games but also sufficiently inclusive to ensure those who aren't so strong also get a look in.

I understand there is a waiting list for some years though.

Heisenberg2 Sun 27-Apr-14 12:45:25

Thanks for all your comments. We just need a day school, but we are not sure where we will live yet. Many of the schools suggested are full for this coming September which is our biggest problem. I will try the Good Schools Guide for anymore information on Crosfields, Elstree and the Oratory. Thanks again.

agcom Sun 13-Jul-14 17:46:02

I had two boys at Elstree and cannot recommend it highly enough. It allows boys to be boys but achieves well and sends to local high flying schools (with a decent crop of scholarships). The boys are well mannered and decent all round. It is brilliant.

Fulhamdad2 Wed 11-Jan-17 12:41:53

Had 2 nephews at Crossfields who changed as wasn't doing what it says on the tin.
Elstree is ok if your ds are naturally brilliant but little value add for £30k /yr, we had a son there.
Cheam in Headley, head and shoulders above anything else in the area, does exactly what it says on the tin, have a daughter there who flew once moved from pre-prep at Elstree, which is worse than useless, much better of at a state primary.

Fulhamdad2 Wed 11-Jan-17 12:54:05

Elstree don't take bullying seriously, took them nearly 3 weeks to do a simple check on our DS school email as the school said DS claimed was being cyberbullied. 3 weeks!!
Friend had to mover their DS as being bullied, the headmaster said 'its tribal out there'

CookieDoughKid Thu 12-Jan-17 16:08:49

I have a friend with age 8 boy at Crossfields. She says it's a pressured environment and for the academic boy and she finds it hard to keep up. Something to think about.

Allthebestnamesareused Thu 12-Jan-17 16:16:03

DSS went to Crosfields from year 3-8 and then went onto Shiplake College for senior. (Now at an RG uni doing his degree).

We found them both to be good all round schools but not necessarily "academic" as they are not selective. So there are some academic children in top set and then others of a more mixed ability. Shiplake offers good sporting variety and weekly boarding if required when they are older.

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