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SenoraPostrophe Thu 18-Mar-04 20:51:15

I have a friend who has an 8 yr old currently in Spanish school, but who will probably go back to a UK school in a year or so.

She's worried he may miss out on great chunks of the national curriculum and I said I'd help (seeing as I'm ace at spellin and stuff). So do any of you know of a good website that lists what he would be learning in the UK? And which bits would cause most problems if they've been missed?


popsycal Thu 18-Mar-04 20:52:56

i can help out wth this one.....

popsycal Thu 18-Mar-04 20:53:58

the standards site

popsycal Thu 18-Mar-04 20:56:12


popsycal Thu 18-Mar-04 20:56:58

national curriculum

popsycal Thu 18-Mar-04 20:57:24

give me a shout if you want more info or good sites to help them learn these things!!

SenoraPostrophe Thu 18-Mar-04 21:00:41

erm - what is ks1 exactly? he's 8 this year so he's year 3 right? If he stays past Sept, does that mean I should be looking at end of ks1/start of ks2?

popsycal Thu 18-Mar-04 21:02:15

if he is 8 then he is in ks2 (key stage two)
when is he 9?
if he is 9 before 31st august then he woul dbe in year 4 now and going to year 5 in sept

if he is 9 after 31st august then he is year 3 now and year 4 in spet

SenoraPostrophe Thu 18-Mar-04 21:08:29

after august, so yr 3 now, and yr4 sept (his mum would obviously know this - I just wanted to see what there was! ).

How many years does ks 2 go on for?

popsycal Thu 18-Mar-04 21:10:36

ks is year 3 to year 6 - which is a SATS year.......which i am an expert in
modest me!!

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