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GHS admission process for reception

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super2014 Mon 14-Apr-14 01:16:59

I have read many posts regarding selective school admission process, but nothing has been clear. Has your daughter been interviewed by GHS for reception ? Can you please let me know what kids are asked to do. Also are all children invited for the interview?

mummytime Tue 15-Apr-14 05:28:50

I think any child can go, and it is a selection session not an interview. They do a variety of acivities and are observed while they are doing them.
There was a TV programme quite a few years about the process at Lady Eleanor Hollis (I think that's the correct spelling), if you can find it it might enlighten you a bit about the process as I believe GHS's is similar.

It is definitely not little girls of 2/3 sitting in chairs answering questions or an exam, and not something you can prepare for other than through normal family interaction. I believe most girls who don't get through are encouraged to apply again at 7, and some places do come up from the waiting list.

Finally if you listen carefully GHS do admit their selection process at 4 is not perfect (and cannot be). Sometimes girls get through who are "not happy" at GHS, and actually from friends experience they really aren't happy. Then it may be worth looking around at another of the great schools around, which may suit that girl more (and the school will often encourage you to do this too).

sixlive Tue 15-Apr-14 16:50:24

Learn phonics, do jigsaw puzzles, they are looking for good concentration spans, and enthusiasm. It's a great school for the right sort of girl. Parents don't play a huge part at the school, if you and your family want that look elsewhere.

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