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Hampshire Collegiate

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MrsKermittSmith Thu 10-Apr-14 17:20:55

Does anyone have any insights or experience of HCS? We are considering it for Y7.

Tansie Thu 10-Apr-14 21:35:50

I have a work colleague whose DC is in Y4 there (so not enormously helpful!) but she's happy with it.

Locally it was seen - and I can only tell you what I've heard, I have no direct experience other than a cross-country run my (state) primary DC did 3 or 4 years ago in their grounds which are large, and very pleasant!- but it certainly was considered a school for newly wealthy DC who'd've picked any private over state- which is by no means to be sneered at, but this way maybe prior to Romsey schools, esp Mountbatten, improving enormously. 3 DC left my DS's primary locally to go because in one instance, the mother was furious that she had to fight to get clearance for 3 week Easters and 2 week Whitsuns to take her many DC to the Caribbean every year shock grin; the other was a single mum whose hours at work meant she needed a wrap-around school day. But she insisted on calling it Hampshire Colleejigat... every time she reminded one that her DC was private, you know!' Sorry!

Anyway, DC come from miles around to go there, they have a coach network stretching out like a spider's web (so your DC might be going to parties 35 miles away!). Friends in Winchester certainly do snigger at neighbours whose DC catch at 7.20(?) coach to HC from outside the gates of schools like Kings and Westgate to 'go private' as it's considered that if you're a) rich and/or b) your DC is either exceptionally, scholarship-worthily clever, they'll go to KES in Southampton rather than run-of-the-mill HC. Winchester has no privates in the KES league, just world-renowns like Winchester College and St Swithuns. ££, or course.

However, my friends' sniggers come from people who have exceptional state comps on their doorsteps.

The results at HC have certainly improved over the years, maybe because they saw that they were 'losing' a lot of DC at 11 to go to the state grammars in Salisbury (there's still an 11+ prep element, there, of course).

Have you been on a tour? What did you think? Have you been private-to-date?

MrsKermittSmith Fri 11-Apr-14 09:08:00

We are state so far but in a poor secondary catchment, o to be in Winchester, Romsey or Chandlers Ford! We don't have time to move and don't want to move a younger sibling from an excellent state primary. We are going on a tour in May. We have seen KES and thought it was good, but a pressured environment. We are after sporty and academic with DofE etc. It worries me that HCS is perceived as second best, for us it would be a huge improvement and avoid the Southampton traffic as well.

MrsKermittSmith Fri 11-Apr-14 18:30:58

O dear, perhaps I should have asked this in Secondary Education!

MrsKermittSmith Fri 11-Apr-14 18:31:32

Its such an important decision I would really appreciate any info.

lainiekazan Fri 11-Apr-14 18:55:16

I know some dcs who go there. They and their parents seem very happy. Their boys are very sporty. I agree with Tansie that there is a bit of a "loadsamoney" element who choose it: those whose dc don't have the brains to get into KES and have to show that they have a bit of brass. There are parent balls and cocktail parties.

Piggychunk Sat 12-Apr-14 19:59:29

Trying to figure out where you live have you considered St Mary's college , or Meoncross school ( Stubbington )

Both I know of children that attend have heard great feedback.

Piggychunk Sat 12-Apr-14 19:59:49

*and have

MsKermittSmitt Sun 13-Apr-14 18:15:28

Yes I think you have the right area. We are thinking perhaps a house move might be the answer. There are some great schools between Winchester and the coast along that side.

lovetoski Mon 14-Apr-14 15:20:46

Meoncross is tiny and lacks the facilities you would expect from a fee paying school, although academically it does ok. Many children leave their junior school for Portsmouth Grammar every year.

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