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Letterland - The Book People

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janh Sun 10-Mar-02 17:48:55

I don't know if many of you have come acorss The Book People but they are the great discounter - of a limited range of titles. And not a club so no further commitment.
The current catalogue has 20 Letterland books, RRP £3.99 each, at £12.99 the lot.
Also two Roald Dahls (Matilda and The BFG) at £2.99 each instead of £9.99 each.
Also lots of other good stuff (for younger children and older children and adults).
Phone: 0870 607 7740
I'm sure they used to have a website but I can't find the address in the current literature. Anyway the phone line is open 8am - 8pm 7 days a week.

janh Sun 10-Mar-02 17:52:06

oops. Now I find it.

leese Sun 10-Mar-02 18:38:05

Thanks janh - I think I've heard of this company before - do they visit workplaces and leave a selection, only to return for orders a week or so later? I'm sure they are called The Book People, but I wasn't aware I could access them independently - I'll definitely check out the website.

janh Sun 10-Mar-02 19:18:51

leese, I think that's somebody else. They do toys too? This lot are just books and they are brilliant.

SueW Sun 10-Mar-02 20:25:55

I'll second Janh's recommendation - they are fantastic. They're also great for things to give out at parties although if your friends don't know that you shop there it can look like you are being over generous when you give away a book as a lucky bag prize (marked at 4.99 and you paid aoubt 60p for it!).

As well as the individual issue pages, it's worth looking at their onsite text listing for a full range of books in each category -access each category to get this option in the blurb.

They have schools link scheme as well, where schools can give out the catalogues and collate the points to order books for themselves.

Marina Mon 11-Mar-02 09:59:12

Me too. We have just got a stack of DK Sticker Albums for £6.99 in total that I have hidden away for party bags later on this year. I think The Book People (and Red House) are terrific.

Rhiannon Mon 11-Mar-02 19:23:55

Thanks for that, have just ordered the sticker books, a quiz book and a brilliant book called Animal by David Burnie (I think). It is now only £12.99 Dorling Kindersley the publishers price is £35. It is a beautiful book (we treated ourselves to it at Christmas). It's hard back and has a lovely baboon's face on the front cover, I've just ordered 3 for presents. Basically it's all about animals and birds a real coffee table book. R

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