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Noodlenoon Sat 05-Apr-14 20:51:04

My son (year 2) has recently been given the option of seeing a Learning Mentor (aka "expert in bad playtimes").
I have googled the term and discovered a little about the job description but would like to know a little more detail about how these people work.
I'm slightly concerned that if he went off from the classroom this would make his classmates think less of him. Or is it done by just grabbing him in the corridor etc?
Academically he's doing fine and has hit his expected grades for the year.
The issue seems to be other kids not understanding him as he is quite an individual kind of guy (and unstreetwise too).
How might a Learning Mentor help?
Is he likely to gain much? Thanks

Quckstart Sat 05-Apr-14 20:59:27

The learning mentor is a friendly adult the children take their problems to. If it's done well she'll be very popular with the children and there will be no stigma at all in going to see her - the children all love to get some of her time at our school. If it's about playtime issues it's most likely to be done at playtime. It might be a chat in her room about how he's feeling one day and she might stay near him in the playground to monitor/help for a few days. She might also talk to the other children about how they could behave more kindly and/or find him a buddy.

My DS1 had some playground issues in yr2. He managed to get himself friendly with 2 girls and each wanted exclusive use of him! The learning mentor sorted it out in less than a week, he never had any more problems and it was like a huge weight was lifted from him in less than 24 hours - you could physically see the relief he felt to be getting some support.

Noodlenoon Sat 05-Apr-14 21:19:26

Thanks, that all sounds pretty positive.

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