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Expectations about Pre-Schools and pre-schools in and around Longfield, Kent

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joosiewoosie Thu 03-Apr-14 07:37:35

Hi - re-posting here from pre-school section as very little traffic there. I'm looking for advice and suggestions please? I don't know if my expectations are too high with regard to looking for a preschool for my DD.

I had a first look round a preschool in my area the other day, and want to share what I saw, as I'm sure it's not as 'outstanding' as it's Ofsted suggested, but want to hear from those more experienced if I'm expecting too much!

I was aghast at the disorganisation and mess of children's record books and other admin things strewn all over the sides. I expected the mess of toys and children playing with loads of different things all over the floor, but not the adult mess on the sides. It really felt uncared for.

I saw no quality interaction between adults and children at any point; a child was standing on a chair for a good 3 minutes, without any adult intervention to ensure his safety.

There were lots of adults wearing particular coloured clothes about (showing they were staff - none were wearing name badges with pictures), but none seemed to interact or take responsibility for encouraging, noting, guiding or anything I expected to see.

I don't know how observations are made, as no adult had a pad/stickers or a pen in their hand to write with.

Also, they ask children to call them 'Auntie'. Is this usual in your experience? Why not just their first name or if children can't remember it, 'teacher'? It feels a bit dodgy in terms of safeguarding to me.

The supervisor showing me round could not tell me the required Adult to child ratio but was at pains to explain they always have 2 additional adults over the recommended number, just in case.

The 'office' was part of the classroom, screened off to adult chest height, but there were files and papers scattered everywhere there too, and an adult was sitting in there doing paperwork while pre-school was in session. I am quite messy myself, but can't believe this disorder is in anyway indicative of an orderly, exciting, organised environment to encourage play based learning.

In the garden, some adults were sitting about but again I heard nothing suggesting this is a learning through play environment. An area had a couple of tree stumps in it as trees fell down a few months ago, but nothing proactive had been done with it. No bug hotel or gardening/ digging area in there - a chunk of the garden redundant.

A child even deliberately slapped my DD round the face while she sat in the sandpit! To their credit, the supervisor showing me around said this child had a one to one key worker as he had some kind of SEN, but this topped off my sense of being unimpressed with the pre-school!

Can anyone recommend a good preschool in or around the Longfield area?

Please tell me what I should be expecting to see/hear, especially if I'm way off and expecting too much!

Apologies for the epic essay post!

joosiewoosie Thu 03-Apr-14 13:13:39


joosiewoosie Tue 08-Apr-14 08:47:10

Can anyone suggest a busier place to repost so I might get some advice please? Thanks.

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