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Should i go back to college ?

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nutcracker Tue 16-Mar-04 16:48:08

Last Sept i started a part time access to health careers course. It was 2 nights a week over 2 years. Completing the course would of meant i could then applt to trian as a nurse, midwife, speech therapist e.t.c.

Anyway, i found the course way more stressful than i had ever imagined, and uni seemed so far away. I left after the first term, not taking any exams or anything, so i have no credits.

I am now considering starting the course again this september but full time. I know that in some ways it would be more stessful full time, but it would seem like uni was that bit closer as if you do it full time it only takes a year.
It would mean putting my ds in the college nursery but i don't mind that, he could do with socializing a bit more.

I do regret giving the course up, but do wonder if i could cope with it or if i'm just fooling myself.
I would need everyone on MN to tell me to sod of if i was supposed to be doing an assignment
Oh yeah the other thing is that my dd will be starting school this sept too wheras i had her with me before, so i couldn't get much work done.

What do you think ???

CountessDracula Tue 16-Mar-04 16:49:36


Sounds like a brilliant idea.

nutcracker Tue 16-Mar-04 17:09:33

Thank you CD, i wish i could always be as posotive as you are

spacemonkey Tue 16-Mar-04 17:22:59

I think it sounds like a brilliant idea too nutty. With all the crappy stuff you've got on your plate at the moment, this could be the thing to give you a real sense of hope for the future (along with a new house etc!)

coppertop Tue 16-Mar-04 17:39:37

It sounds like a really good idea to me. Start looking into the availability of the nursery in plenty of time so you won't have to worry about that side of things.

Good luck!

nutcracker Tue 16-Mar-04 18:28:43

Thanks all

I will send for an application form tommorow and enquire about the nursery places.

tiredemma Thu 18-Mar-04 15:23:22

hi nutty
you know how i feel about this course myself, im going to do it over 2 years cuz i cant afford to pack work up yet and plus id like alfie to be at school before i start at university.
id say go for it, one of my friends gemma is a single mum, with 3 girls all under 6, she is doing the full-time course, had quite a poor attendance to sutton college because kids being poorly etc throughout term, but she had been accepted in to uce for this sept to do a degree in nursing! and believe me she had to put up with loads of crap off ex-boyf etc while she has been doing the course ( she has had to be moved 3 times because of him). if she can do it, then im in no doubt you can, if you can still remain positive after all the crap you have had to put up with re overcrowding and housing probs etc then this course will be a walk in the park for you!!
hopefully ill see you at college in sept.

p.s if its worth anything..... doing the nursing will be more satisfying than sat in a travel agents waiting for 5.30pm to come!

nutcracker Thu 18-Mar-04 15:51:48

Thanks emma, i have sent for a form and i'm waiting for someone to contact me about the nursery.
I'm trying to persuade my friend to go back too. She was doing the same course as me, but left for similar reasons. Only thing is, she would have to give up her job too.

luckymum Fri 19-Mar-04 11:45:58

Nutty...I did this course in 2000 (haven't got round to doing anything with it ) but really enjoyed it. My college offered a 'fast track' course which was one full day in college 9-5.00 but with loads of 'self led study' (homework!). it was hard work but it worked out really well and I managed to fit in some casual work too, although my children were older than yours (12,9 & 7) so were in school. Go for it and apply for uni too because you could always defer your place (can you still do this??) Not sure but worth looking into.

Good luck

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