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Need help finishing presentation. Please can someone help?

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VioLetsMum1 Tue 25-Mar-14 22:40:12

I've had to do a presentation on how the media might impact on how practitioners interact with children and parents. One of my points I want to say is that because of media hype of children needing so much protection and reporting alot of abuse cases, it might build up a parental fear that the practitioner might do something to the child or not protect the child enough etc. Leading to the practitioner having a fear they might end up being accused of something if they interact with the children as they might normally do. Need to find a resource though to back it up and really struggling to find one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! lol

MillyMollyMama Tue 25-Mar-14 23:22:32

This is a bit hypothetical in my view. How would you envisage researching something that you think might happen? I can only suggest you should google a few word searches and see what you come up with. You are really talking about irrational fear that is probably pretty rare.

If you were talking about how difficult it can be to keep front line social workers in post due to media stories about how useless they are you could easily investigate this. The media also impacts on parents by reference to "stranger danger" when it is mostly people known to the children who abuse them. There are also stories of how parents react badly when a "stranger" tries to help a "lost " child and how vigilante groups hunt down paedophiles in an area. They media has played a role here in heightening fear levels. I would also look at the Jamie Bulger case as this brought about many issues concerning the media and practitioners and parents. There are also cases where the social workers take children away to easily. Is this the result of media over-reaction? Has this changed their behaviour? By the way, I'm glad it is you researching this and not me! Good luck.

VioLetsMum1 Tue 25-Mar-14 23:58:04

Well apparently we're supposed to treat everything as hypothetical and can only just words like 'could' or 'might' or 'suggests'. Anything other than that the uni classes as biased and you fail :/ I've found an article about male practitioners and some of the stigma's that are attached to them (as in they feel they can't interact with children as the same as women without fear of being judged or be accused of something) though now. Thank you for all the points you raised. Already done some of them for the presentation but definately going to look more into social workers overreactions and the Bulger case. Thanks! smile xx

dayshiftdoris Wed 26-Mar-14 00:13:17

OP you need google scholar or google books....

Type in your keywords and you will find something.

With your presentation look at things like putting on sun cream, comforting an upset child... Use specific examples and refer to policy in local schools, etc

senua Wed 26-Mar-14 08:30:23

If you are talking about the practitioners' fears, rather than parental fears, then you are talking about ethics and protocols and the like. Doesn't their regulatory body have guidelines (based on research/resources) on this that you could incorporate into your presentation?
Similarly, are there articles in the trade magazine?

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