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Ofsted school data risk assessments

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speckledfrogs Thu 13-Mar-14 19:50:45

For good or outstanding schools Ofsted undertakes a risk assessment to decide whether to inspect or not. Does anyone know how they work?

Do Ofsted just obtain the data from that which is already published or do they contact the school and ask for up to date information?

noblegiraffe Thu 13-Mar-14 20:08:44

Look up the Ofsted dashboard, they use that to decide if a school needs an inspection based on its results - for example an emergency inspection might be triggered if the school is significantly failing disadvantaged pupils (a big focus at the moment) or if pupils are failing to make expected progress overall, or in a key subject, or the school doesn't meet floor targets. All this data is published anyway, Ofsted doesn't need to request it.

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