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winky0210 Wed 12-Mar-14 13:00:19

Hi everyone,

Need some help.....i am worried and stressed regarding my daughter. She is 5 and in year one at school. Recently went to parent/teacher consultation and was informed she was behind mainly in her literacy. Teacher said she thought it was best if she had an Individual Teaching Plan to target areas of concern. Was slightly miffed that teacher sat there and just concentrated on the problem areas, never once mentioned what she was good at which has left me slightly angry and confused. Asking myself why she left it so long to talk to us about this as we could of both worked together to resolve problems. She's had since September and didn't contact us until March?!?!?

Has anyone been in this situation?!?! if so any advice is welcome.....i am contemplating getting her a tutor, as i don't want her starting year 2 already behind and not being able to catch up. Thanks X

MeLovelyNeighbour Wed 12-Mar-14 13:17:11

OK... the main thing to remember here is your daughter is only 5. Do not panic.

Firstly ask for another meeting ASAP with the teacher to clarify everything and to hear the positives in other subjects (us parents can be quite in awe at Parents Evening and forget to ask most of what we intended to!). If it's mainly only literacy she's behind in, then it's no major deal. Find out what you can do alongside school to help her. I don't imagine tutoring is the way to go just yet - I think after Year 2/start Year 3 is when it may be worth a tutor if still an issue.

Secondly, what I'd be even more concerned about is why you hadn't heard about this before. In my opinion, Parents Evenings should never be a shock. You should have heard about any potential issues before Parents Evenings.

Were these issues flagged up in Reception? Seriously, children change so much, in such a short space of time, they all grow and learn differently. Please don't worry. She's still very little!

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