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Admission into Independent Schools in Newcastle

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josiejo1877 Wed 12-Mar-14 10:22:03

We live in Northumberland and really want both our children to go to private school in Newcastle. Our DD is 9 and will start year 5 in Sep. Although we were told admission was a formality at The newly merged "Newcastle High School for girls" unfortunately she has not been given a place after her pre admission day. they feel she is not academic enough. In her state first school she is in top set for literacy and is average in maths. I would say she is bright girl that is of average academic level.
what experience do people have getting their children into private education. Maybe I am naïve but I thought if you could pay they would get a place. My daughter was heart broken at not getting a place at Newcastle High school for girls. We have since been to Westfield which we feel is a much better environment for our DD. Does anyone know anyone who has been turned down from Westfield? I am worried about double let down for my DD.
And lastly what are people's experience with DA? What is the admission process like. I know RGS is very high achieving and we would not even consider asking our DD to sit the entrance exam. DA have told us they look at the whole child and not just their maths and English however they do test their maths and English and now I am concerned about putting our "average" achieving daughter through this. Any advice?

givemeaclue Wed 12-Mar-14 10:28:27

Its a while since I lived in the area but westfield was always good for the less academic. DA was always academic focused.are eastcliff and newlands still around? Both of them used to be good for less academic

Highlander Fri 14-Mar-14 18:04:21

You're not the first person I've heard to have been turned away from the new girls' school; the Church mums are worried their girls will not be allowed to progress through to seniors.......

I've not heard anyone say a bad word about DA - very supportive ethos, and their results are actually v good. The new juniors school has opened at Fenham and everyone seems to be raving about it.

What table your child is at bears no resemblnace to their actual ability - if a Yr 2 at this stage is working well within level 3, they're bright. Working within level 2

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