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Returning To School After Long Absence Through Illness. Any Tips?

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DaftMaul Tue 11-Mar-14 22:13:26

Ds (Y7) has not been at school at all this term due to illness. He is beginning to improve (fingers crossed) and his consultant has given the go-ahead to start the return to school for 'abbreviated days'.

Has anyone else dealt with this as a parent or a teacher? I am meeting with school this week to discuss how best to manage ds' return to school and work catchup. I dont think the school have had this situation much in the past.

I am wondering whether it is best to focus on particular subjects, so he goes in for Maths lessons for example, or better to focus on building his stamina and plan a few sessions per week, regardless of what subjects he will be doing.

Any suggestions/thoughts or things to consider?

creamteas Wed 12-Mar-14 17:30:04

I think it probably depends on how his health. So for example, if he tires easily, it might be worth starting with mornings till break then gradually lengthening the school day.

Conversely, if it is difficult to get going in the mornings, maybe begin in the afternoons.

Nothingtosay Wed 12-Mar-14 17:53:41

Maybe ask your son casually ahead of your meeting what he's particularly missed and looking forward to doing on his return or if he's anxious about anything in particular then weave his responses into your outcome.

I haven't personally had experience but one of mine had a friend who was off for six months. Initially the child didn't take public transport to school and his start and finish times were staggered. Certain subjects were dropped from his timetable to allow him to concentrate on the ones he had exams the following year.

The school also made sure that he attended all the social aspects and tried not to give him too much special treatment as they were keen that he fell back into the body of his year group again quickly.

Catching up on notes involved photo copying jotters and taking photos. I think a teacher may have supervised this so the task wasn't too onerous. I think one teacher co-ordinated his return. He was a good bit older though. HTH.

Agggghast Wed 12-Mar-14 21:04:12

I teach a boy in Year 8 who missed a lot of Year 7 through treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma. We staggered his return over a term and he came in for the first 6 weeks p2 and p3 plus the break inbetween. As a school we felt that the most important thing was for him to regain the social aspects.gradually he built up his hours and is now full time. We didn't stress about catching up an his teachers who knew when he would be in ensured that those lessons would be skills rather than knowledge based. He is now doing very well and catching up rapidly.

DaftMaul Fri 14-Mar-14 09:02:24

Thankyou all. Sorry I haven't been back before, rl took over!

Isn't it just typical that ds hasn't really been well again ths week! Have agreed with school that we will aim for him to attend for three lunchtimes next week. They are reluctant to have him in lessons until all his teacher have been 'trained' in how to recognise his seizures and know what to do. I did point out that this is really no different than before but funny how this episode has focused them!

Anyway, to be fair, they have been very supportive and have stressed that they are not concerned about work at this point which I agree with.

So will see how the last few weeks of term go. Would you expect the gradual return to be continued after Easter?

Nothingtosay Fri 14-Mar-14 11:36:46

I think the lad in my DC's instance was 15 and did 'gradual' for about a month but I can't really recall or remember whether it impacted across holidays.

I would imagine everyone's circumstances are completely different so there won't be any hard and fast rules, just what's best for him and what you feel he can manage. I'm sure your Doctor will give guidance. The Easter holidays might work out as a good time to recuperate further without any pressure.

Glad to hear however that he'll be back at school soon, must have been quite a concern for you all

JumbledAndTumbled Sat 15-Mar-14 00:20:49

It's good to hear the school has been supportive. Hope he is feeling better soon.

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