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london half term dates and chiswick schools

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miggy Fri 12-Mar-04 22:20:40

Some friends are adopting 2 little girls and are looking for half term dates for summer term. Ours are 28/5-8/6 but didnt know if london was different.
Also any tips on state primary schools in the area?
All help much appreciated

Hulababy Fri 12-Mar-04 22:24:06

Have you tried the local LEAs website. Most sites have them posted on there.

No knowledge of area so can't help with the schools. You could try the OFSTED site for their latest inspection reports, and the league tables for primary schools though.

miggy Fri 12-Mar-04 22:40:18

Thanks Hulababy, have just done both and sent them on.
Just trying to help as is a big leap into parenthood to gain 2 school age children when you have no experience of education system etc.

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