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Finding the right school - very specific requirements

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Crusoe Sun 09-Mar-14 08:13:23

I am becoming desperate to find the right school for my ds (6)
He is currently in a mainstream primary where he is being failed. Academically he is achieving but he has an attachment disorder and has some low level behavioral issues.
He does not have a statement.
He needs a small, very nurturing, supportive school who can reduce his anxiety and work with the behavioural challenges he brings that are a result of anxiety.
Does anyone know anywhere suitable in the south east / Home Counties.

Fromdeepestperu Sun 09-Mar-14 12:21:12

Yes - Beech Lodge. See I think it sounds as if it would be ideal for your ds.

EdithWeston Sun 09-Mar-14 12:27:58

Would any ofthe Quaker schools be in reach?

mary21 Mon 10-Mar-14 10:56:25

what about one of the small schools eg new forest small school or educare in kingston. You might find info on the human scale education website,

mary21 Mon 10-Mar-14 11:03:49 another one

Crusoe Mon 10-Mar-14 11:40:42

Thank-you all - brilliant suggestions. Beech Lodge is absolutely what I am looking for but if there are any other thoughts please keep them coming.
I appreciate any input.

vincentd Tue 11-Mar-14 14:38:21

Hi - this website is quite useful for searching for schools when you have a very specific criteria

springrain Tue 11-Mar-14 23:11:33

Kingswood house in Epsom? here

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