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London private secondaries - waiting list movement?

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StripeyHenry Mon 03-Mar-14 23:45:13

Now that state school results are out and decisions can be made, has anyone heard about waiting list movements at all? Given the ripple effect it would be good to hear if any schools are going to their waiting lists.

In the meantime we have given up our other offers and have paid our deposit on our second choice school, so hopefully we have helped someone else who is also on a waiting list.

Buggedoff Tue 04-Mar-14 08:53:33

Waiting lists for all types of schools move after national offers day, but it takes a few weeks. Dd1 went to an independent school, and we declined the offer before the deadline day. Her friend got offered a place at the school dd1 declined a few weeks later, and was delighted, because it is a great school. We found deciding between the two was very difficult, and chose the independent because it was nearer and had a sixth form, but results wise they are comparable (if you consider only the high and middle attainers).

NeedHoliday Tue 04-Mar-14 13:08:13

Assuming deadline is tomorrow I would reckon from then, although some of the London schools appear to be calling out today to those they haven't heard from so maybe sooner.

Do you know where you are on the list?

Shooting4themoon Tue 04-Mar-14 13:29:45

I think KGS will be looking at final numbers and possible reserves tomorrow after midday...
Good luck to everyone hoping for good news re: waiting lists in the coming days/weeks.

stripeyhenry Tue 04-Mar-14 13:46:02

Needholiday, which schools do you know of who are calling? I guess this means they are firming up their acceptances and so will be quicker to go to the waiting list if necessary.

Do schools go straight to waiting list once they know, or do they wait a couple of days for everything to settle?

We're near the top apparently but not at the top. What this means in reality is anyone's guess. We can't get any clue as to how many places have been accepted so far. Is it true what I've heard, that some people may accept if they've been chased over the phone, but then don't actually stump up the deposit money after all? Presumably they want to hedge their bets for as long as possible.

Also, when do waiting lists tend to close? Is it possible to remain on the waiting list once September has come, without having to go through the whole entrance process again?

NeedHoliday Tue 04-Mar-14 14:02:28

Dulwich college is the school.

Where is the school you want - are there good grammars close by?

I've def heard of things moving for the next couple weeks as the state school places get sorted.

Might also depend on the amount of the deposit your chosen school is asking. Some may put deposits down and be prepared to lose that money but it is unlikely anyone would want to forfeit a terms fees.

Fingers crossed you hear soon.

stripeyhenry Tue 04-Mar-14 14:07:55

Thanks Needsholiday. We are looking for a girls' place. I don't want to say which school, but we know people who are on the WL at KGS, LEH, PHS, Surbiton HS and WHS, and we are on one of those. So yes, there are decent grammars nearby and also Graveney, which hopefully will affect the acceptances. I think most deposits are £1,000 but there may be some which are £500. Most people I know are prepared to lose that money but obviously might baulk at a terms' fees if it comes to that.

cakeisalwaystheanswer Tue 04-Mar-14 14:12:51

At some of the straight through girls school the junior school girls only have to give a terms notice if they are not going on to the senior school. So whilst external candidates have to decide this week they have until nearly the end of April.
There are a fair few at DDs still deciding and she is at one of the schools on your list stripeyhenry.

stripeyhenry Tue 04-Mar-14 14:19:18

Thanks Cakeisalwaystheanswer. So are parents potentially putting down a deposit on another school and then waiting a while before deciding whether to stay where they are or to move to another school? Presumably if the other school is a grammar, then there is no financial downside to hanging on to both places until the start of the summer term, as no deposit will have been paid.

NeedHoliday Tue 04-Mar-14 14:20:47

Sounds like it would be definitely worth letting your first choice know that you are still interested right up until you would need to give a terms notice to your 2nd choice. You never know others on the wait list might drop out.

cakeisalwaystheanswer Tue 04-Mar-14 14:40:40

At least one set of parents are paying a deposit for another school, but for most others they have state options they are considering. Many people only got a state offer late last night and they want to mull it over for a while. There are a few families very tight for the fees and I suspect they will move to state, but will want to keep the option to remain open as long as possible in case the money becomes available. There will definitely be waitlist movement from DDs school up until the end of April which doesn't make it any easier for those on the waitlist.

I would definitely be on the phone to admissions making it clear that I wanted a place.

Shooting4themoon Wed 05-Mar-14 06:22:12

WHS have started calling those on the waiting list!
I think today may very well result in some movement on lists such as KGS and SHS.
Fingers crossed everyone...

ClaraMaugham Wed 05-Mar-14 08:00:05

In my experience once the lists start moving it can all change very quickly - and if you've got your heart set on a particular school (and the school know it) you're in with a very good chance. Good luck everyone!

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